Top 5 Best Roof Cleaners On The Market 2021

The wise solution to clean up your roof without spending too much money is to own cleaning roof. Over the years, your dachshow has been covered with moss, mould, mildew and algae, which make your dach lower.
However, for each particular roof material and certain type of stain numerous kinds of roof cleaners will be appropriate. So when you decide the best roof cleaner for you, you could become confused.
This review is the great present if you have a similar problem. Therefore you must read my evaluations thoroughly in order to assist you locate the best roof cleaning. Continue to read, and we shall learn together the final answer.

Roof Cleaners

What Are The Benefits Of Using Roof Cleaners?

The task is to clean the roof. If this is not enough to convince you, however, let us check these advantages and find out how crucial it is to use roof cleaners.

Remove Undesirable Fark Stains

When you’re always interested in your roof, the ideal solution is to use roof cleaners. The algae that grow on your roof generate black tinches. Fortunately, thanks to positive and effective chemicals, roof cleaners will simply reject this problem.

Stop Moss And Mold Growth
On your rooftop surfaces, algae and mould develop quickly and can build pits in them. Algae can also nourish calcareous calcareous shings, which are fragile and damaging to your roof. You don’t have to worry about these difficulties when using roofing cleaners

Keep The Warranty On Your Shingles

The shingles will actually take you a great deal of money to restore. Therefore, you can save money by getting a guarantee on them. The majority of the guarantee, however, is effective only when your roof is maintained and you need to clean the roof to assist this task.
Prolong Your Roofs’ Life Expectancy

Extending the lifespan of your roofing is always the main priority for many, because it will provide you with comfort and safety when you stay at home. You will save thousands of dollars to repair or replace them, if you frequently clean your roof with roof cleaners.

Maintain Your Gutters Clean And Clog-free

You employ roof cleaners that keep your ribs blocked by leave and waste to clear your roof.

How Many Types Of Roof Cleaner?

If you intend to buy a roof cleaner, you will need to read several different choices on the market. One of these types can implement your wishes.

Eco-Friendly Cleaners

These cleaners don’t contain any harsh chemicals such as bleach, acid, or petroleum; instead of that, they come in non-toxic and biodegrade formulas that enable you to use them on even the most sensitive roof.

Besides, they can discard mold and mildew, moss, or algae without doing any damage to the roof. Moreover, these formulas also support you in protecting the environment from harmful substances.

Nonetheless, there is one problem that may make you confused that is the price. Eco-friendly is usually more expensive than regular cleaners, but sometimes, you need to use them more than once to get rid of the tough stains.

Harsh Cleaners

These harsh cleaners contain acids, bleach, petroleum, or other types of chlorine-like their name implies. These cleaners have enough power to eliminate even the toughest stains by using minimal force.

However, you need to dilute them with water according to proper rates to minimize damage for the environment around cleaned areas and wear protective clothing to protect you from harsh chemicals.

These ways are less expensive than previous cleaners, but you have to be careful while using to avoid undesirable damage. Furthermore, they are just possible to use in tough materials.

High-Pressure Cleaning

They are designed to work great with a pressure washer. Sometimes, it only uses water to clean your roof and perhaps adds chemical roof cleaners to accelerate the cleaning process.

Everything you do is do wash your roof with a hose that experts high-pressure water. This way is the cheapest and less affect on the environment, but it seems to be less effective than using eco-friendly or harsh cleaners.

You can reduce stains on your roof, but you cannot completely eliminate them. Additionally, without using chemicals will allows organisms to revive. The high-pressure can cause damage to shingles.

1. Spray And Forget SFRCG04 White Roof Cleaner

(Best Overall)

Spray And Forget SFRCG04 White Roof Cleaner

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If you want to find out that a roof cleaner on a wide range of surfaces such as wood, slate, plywood and asphalt shingles can eliminate mould, mildew, mooss and algae, you will not be deceived by this Spray And Forget SFRC04 White Roof Cleaner. For your cleaning task it is a better development.
If you have combined 1 focused water purifier, 10 gallons will be sufficiently liquid for 1000-2000 square foot roof. You must ensure that your roof is totally dry and that it does not rain for better performance for at least the coming 12 hours.Moreover the garden pump sprayer is used to spread liquid to the roof and to apply it in afflicted areas, maintaining it moist as long as possible after mixing this cleanser. You must also apply a flawless coat and don’t rinse with water.Furthermore you need to clean again every 12-24 month or whenever you first detect the new stains if you follow the manufacturer’s directions. With this liquid, you save valuable time without rinsing.

Key Features:

  • Can deliver many kinds of stains from multiple surfaces
  • 1 bottle can cover 1000-2000 square feet
  • The best result can last for 12-24 months
  • Will work great with the garden pump sprayer


  • 1 gallon can produce 10 gallons when mixing with water
  • Save time and money
  • Quick to use
  • Don’t use bleach or other harsh chemicals


  • Have to ensure there is no rain within at least 12 hours after applying
  • For toughest stains, you need to apply it twice

2. Mold Armor FG503 E-Z Roof Cleaner

(Best Budget)

Mold Armor FG503 E-Z Roof Cleaner

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If you utilise this Mold Armor FG503 E-Z Roof Cleaner, you will still get a completely clean roof with a restricted wallet. It can be removed from wood, aluminium, vinyl, and other surfaces, as other high-end cleaners, such as algae, moulds and mildew.
With these cleaners, it can be used to wash the exterior of your home with a garden sprayer, sponge, roller, or tank sprayer. If your directions are followed, the landscape around cleansed areas will be safeguarded.
There are also 2 alternatives for selecting certain stains. You will combine three parts with one cleanser to eradicate and protect your roof if they are regular stains.
On the contrary, it is the most appropriate approach to remove the hardest stained by full strength. Through a 1-gallon bottle, 2000 square feet can be refreshed. Since combining technology and biology, the efficiency of this cleaner is maintained for a long period.
In addition, when using this product you save money, time and even strength because it does not need to be scrubbed during the cleaning process. Instead, put it to your roof, sit down and watch what happens

Key Features:

  • Its formula contains sodium hypochlorite.
  • Can cover up to 2000 square feet
  • No scrubbing required
  • Safe for landscaping


  • Able to use for various surfaces
  • Can use with the garden sprayers, rollers, tank sprayers, and sponges
  • Remove mold and mildew stains.
  • Choose diluted or not for particular stains.
  • Affordable price


  • Have to apply to stubborn stains more than once
  • This cleaner can bleach your colored clothing when cleaning

3. 30 Seconds Outdoor Concentrate Roof Cleaner

(Best for Wood Shingles)

30 Seconds Outdoor Concentrate Roof Cleaner

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A cleaner should be found to treat stains less than 1 minute so that the liquid does not soak up for wood shingles in the wood. This 30 Seconds Outdoor Cleaners Roof Cleaner can carry out the task because it takes between 30 seconds and 1 minute.
This cleanser can also discard from other surfaces such as the vinyl side, brickwork, and so on not only wood dome but also moulds, mildew and algae. Without a pressure washer, you can save time and quickly clean up.
The coverage is 200-400 square feet with a concentrated solution that answers the stain levels and porosity of each surface. This formula can also simply disintegrate into the soil;

Key Features:

  • Minimize the time this liquid is coated on wood roof
  • Dissolve once rinse into the soil
  • No need for a pressure washer
  • One of quickest working time cleaners


  • Safe for different surfaces, including wood
  • Safe for landscaping and lawns
  • Easy to spray
  • It doesn’t contain bleach; hence, it is harmless for your eyes and skin


  • It has an unpleasant smell
  • It will take a lot of water to rinse off

4. Camco Pro-Tec Care System Roof Cleaner

(Best for RV Shingles)

Camco Pro-Tec Care System Roof Cleaner

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The Roof Cleaner is the ideal solution for extensive RV rubber cleaning. The second is a padding unit which prevents any damage to the RV roof and protects them from developing future stains. This is containing a 2-step treatment.
The product I am interested in comes with 2 bottles, which provide an integral solution to extend the life of RV. Thanks to this, after the cleaner is purchased, you save a protector on time.
This product also protects the roof of your RV from UV radiation damaging it. It also removes stains that typically form on your roofing, such soot, tree sap and more. In addition, it shows you his ability to throw away strips you detest. Therefore, your RV shingles are always dazzling.

Key Features:

  • Comes with cleaner and protectant liquid
  • Protect RV roof from UV rays
  • Can reduce the time for cleaning future stains


  • Reasonable price for 2 products
  • Discards the hard stains
  • Minimizes the risk of appearing streaks
  • Provide you deep cleaning for RV shingles


  • It is not made of biodegradable ingredients
  • Its constructions don’t tell me how long it needs to dry before the rain

5. Thetford RV Rubber Roof Cleaner

(Best for EPDM Rubber Roof)

Thetford RV Rubber Roof Cleaner

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As you know, EPDM is one RV Rubber Roof; however, to maintain it constantly in excellent quality it needs a separate cleaning. I bet any owners of EPRM would like this since Thetford RV Rubber Roof Cleaner is a wonderful result for you.
Suppose you are difficult to clean and worried about the liquid which can damage the environment. This product helps you eliminate this product because this cleanser is made from biodegradable materials.
The best performance is also achieved by covering your roof with a strong polymer with characteristics. This cleaning may deliver the EPDM roof with all the dust and roof crack, which leads to strips and gives you a UV-free barrier.
In addition, ease of use is also an attraction for me. You simply have to spray, sprinkle and dry the roof, to get the roof clean. After cleaning it does not need to rinse, this is a comfortable feature.

Key Features:

  • Made of biodegradable elements
  • Coats roof with a tough polymer and anti-static layers
  • Gives you a barrier of UV light
  • Repels future-forming dirt and grime


  • It can reduce the need for cleaning your roof up to 75 percent since one treatment can last for 3-6 months
  • Doesn’t require re-rinse
  • Save for the environment
  • Easy to apply


  • Its working time is quite long
  • Its price is quite high

How To Use Roof Cleaners Like A Pro?

It seems straightforward to follow the directions of the manufacturer. However, many individuals still find the usage of roof cleaners problematic. I will take you step by step to clean your roof. Step by step. Let’s look closely at it.
If you want to clean your roof, you must choose the correct weather conditions. You want to clean your roof usually on a windy day. However, some cleansing need rain to wash its marks.
before utilising a cleaning on the roof, you must clear the leaves and residues
For the desired liquid dilute the cleaner on the packaging at the proper dilution rate by the producers; you must use a spray to apply a formula. Some cleaners include an integrated sprayer which can be readily cleaned.
You only need to spray and remove some cleansers, while others need to be scrubbed and washed. Maybe you want to look at it
After washing the floors are quite sluggish, if you clean a tile or shingle roof. A safety harness would be the greatest way to protect you against unpleasant incidents.
The smart solution is to wear safe boots with non-skids.
This can be unneeded if you use eco-friendly cleaners. But if you use strong cleaning agents, you need to undertake preventative measures to reduce their environmental impact. Make sure you dilute the cleaners to suit your needs.
You need protection garments to prevent your skin from being damaged by cleansers.
Try using sprayers to decrease the cleansers of your body

Important Things You Should Know When Purchasing A Roof Cleaner

Roof Cleaners

This section is a significant part. It will help you know what you had better pay attention to when you buy a roof cleaner. Let’s see how many factors are:

Type Of Roof

As you know, a wide range of roofing materials is being used for various buildings; it is not possible for all types of roof cleaners to utilise them. You must therefore determine the correct roof cleansers for your roof materials.
In addition, not all materials can be cleaned strongly. For instance, cleaners are environmentally friendly to any type of roof. If it is constructed of metal, stones or other durable things, harsh cleaners will not damage the roof. In addition, you must avoid using high-pressure cleaners if your roof is shingles.

Easy To Use

Most roof cleaners are straightforward to use as they require water and spray on the afflicted regions. Some of these can be cleaned while others need to be scrubbed and rinsed during your cleaning.


The maker will indicate its formula coverage on the packaging. It is an important issue to consider if you have a limited budget. Some products enable one part of the cleaner to be diluted with 10 pieces of water to be cleaned.
The dilution rate can, however, influence the efficacy and dangerous environmental level of the recipe


How long the roof cleaner lasts is important for your busy life because it determines how often you have to clean it again. Between 12 and 24 months, the best products can keep the optimum result, while others can depend on their formulation shortened or longer.

Weather Conditions

Some roofing agents require a rain assistant, but some chemicals have required your roof to dry for at least 12 hours or more, to wash away the mooss, mould, mildew and algal. You must carefully read them because they affect cleaning efficiency.


When you buy anything, you always want to save as much money as possible. Fortunately, practically roof cleaners are priced at a fair price, but some products are a bit pricey in comparison with others. They all have features valuable at their price.
In principle, you don’t want a roof cleaner that will bring you more negative than favourable influences. You can therefore spend a lot more on getting the greatest product.


Inevitably, while utilising roof cleaners, you may confront some difficulties. Here are some questions which are answered regularly. I hope you can solve your problems with those answers.

Q. Are plants and animals safe for all biodegradable ingredients?

All biodegradable cleansers are actually safe for plants, however not all cleaners for animals are safe. You are therefore suggested to keep animals far away in order to ensure their safety both before and after cleaning the roof.

Q. How often must I purify my roof? 

The roof should be cleaned once a year or whenever your roof has been cleaned for the first time. The frequency, however, partly relies on the condition of the roof, how well you clean the roof and which product you are using.

Q. Do I need some particular roof cleaning equipment? 

There are no specific instruments required for the cleaning roof. However, if you do, it will become easy for you to clean up. A shaft long enough to reach your roof is the first item. The other is a scrub that helps you to clean the hardest tints that can’t be cleaned up entirely.

Q. Is my roof safe to wash under pressure?

This is not good for your roof if you use too much a power washer. The granules can be dislodged and the roof thin and broken. The worst thing is that you can blown old shingles off the roof.

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