Best Underlayment for Vinyl Flooring

Underlayment assists obtain excellent, clean, sound-resistant, basic flooring. Underlayment ought to assist to beat subfloor imperfections. The perfect underlayment ought to have options that present elevated sound absorption, a clean comfy really feel in your toes, and an improved thermal barrier throughout the summer season and winter. However which is the perfect underlayment for vinyl flooring?

Under are the 7 top-ranked underlayment for vinyl flooring.

Best 7 Underlayment for Vinyl Flooring

UnderlaymentIdentify + ModelOptionsMy ScoreOpinions
 FLOORLOT Blue Laminate Flooring Vapor BarrierMoisture and vapor barrier Covers 260 sq ft space.Forestall mildew and mildew.3 mm thick foam.9.9Read ReviewCheck Price
 Roberts 70-193A Tremendous Felt Cushion Roll FlooringFairly thick 3-4 mm.Covers 360 sq ft space.Present most sound absorption.9.8Read ReviewCheck Price
 First Step 630-Sq. Foot RollAntimicrobial safety.Multipurpose.Air motion inhibits mildew progress.Corrects sub-floor imperfections9.6Read ReviewCheck Price
 Roberts 70-025 Qep 70-029 UnisonPolyethylene foam.Covers 100 sq ft space.3” adhesive strip for seamless safety.9.4Read ReviewCheck Price
 Greatest laminate 3-in-1 Flooring UnderlaymentLight-weight weigh 0.16 ouncesCovers 100 sq.ft space.Price pleasant + self-adhesive tape.9.2Read ReviewCheck Price
 QEP 72003Q Cork UnderlaymentThermal transmission appropriate.Good sound absorption.Light-weight (28.9 kilos) DIYs 100 sq ft space set up.9.0Read ReviewCheck Price
 AMERIQUE 691322306255 Premium 3-In-1 Flooring UnderlaymentNon allergenic underlayment.Excessive sound absorption.Finest with anti-crush know-how.8.9Read ReviewCheck Price
 QuietWalk UnderlaymentDense fibers-compression resistant.Non -VOC and off-gassing fibers.5 X safety in opposition to leaky plumbing .8.8Read ReviewCheck Price

1. FLOORLOT Blue Laminate Flooring Vapor Barrier Underlayment

Best Underlayment for Vinyl Flooring - FLOORLOT Blue Laminate Flooring Vapor Barrier Underlayment
  • Covers a big space as much as 200 sq ft per every roll.
  • It offers moisture and vapor barrier that stops the formation of mildew and mildew.
  • Thick foam of 3mm proving good consolation and in a position to cut back and soak up sound.
  • Extra tape packed for simple set up.

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Floorlot Blue Laminate Flooring Beneath-layment that come hooked up Vapor Barrier and minimises hole sound made by floating flooring. The vapour barrier offers a superior safety to your vinyl flooring.

The froth is cushioned to offer quite a lot of comforts, the 3mm is giant sufficient to beat the sub-floor irregularities and imperfections in your flooring. The underlayment comes with peel and stick tape for the overlap system which permits straightforward set up for DIYs. This underlayment offers distinctive worth to your home for many years with its vapor and noise barrier foam.

The blue underlayment is economical and efficient to handle sub-floor issues in your flooring particularly the moisture downside. They are often put in even within the basement. Its additionally appropriate with different flooring like laminate, hardwood and engineered wooden.

2. Roberts 70-193A Tremendous Felt Cushion Roll Flooring Underlayment

Roberts 70-193A Super Felt Cushion Roll  Flooring Underlayment
  • Covers a big floor space as much as 360 sq ft per roll
  • Fairly thick 3-4 mm and vast (12 x 12.2 x 60” dimension) for max sound absorption
  • Has an adhesive strip of 1-3/4” and 3” overlap for linking a number of rolls.

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The tremendous felt insulating (70-193A) underlayment is made type recycled fibers. It ranked amongst the perfect noise absorbing underlayment. It reduces sound transmission by absorbing it as a substitute of deflecting it.

Its product of thick (3-4mm) insulating fibers able to preserving your flooring heat in winter and in addition cooler throughout summer season. The underlayment is vast and enormous sufficient 360 sq. ft. roll (60in. x 72ft.) dimension able to overlaying giant rooms.

Roberts 70-193A Super Felt Cushion Roll  Flooring Underlayment installed on floor

Nonetheless for bigger areas, it comes with an adhesive 1-3/4”  strip and three” overlap for linking a number of rolls. This ensures most safety in opposition to mildew and molds in addition to sound transmission. It has a score of 66 on Sound Transmission Misplaced Take a look at (STC) and score of 67 on Impression Sound Transmission Take a look at (IIC).

The underlayment is sturdy and can be utilized in different engineered wooden and laminate flooring in addition to present cushion over wooden and concrete sub-floors. Its a premium cheap flooring underlayment in contrast with its small counterpart Roberts 70-190A Tremendous Felt Insulating (3 mm- 100 Sq roll)  Underlayment.

3. First Step 630-Sq. Foot Roll Underlayment

First Step 630-Square Foot Roll Underlayment
  • Has antimicrobial safety stopping progress of mildew. 
  • Permits fixed air motion that inhibits mildew progress. 
  • Seals out and protects flooring from moisture vapor.
  • Multipurpose appropriate underlayment that can be utilized on concrete slabs and wooden sub-floors both beneath, on or above grade
  • Corrects minor sub-floor imperfections.
  • Extremely sturdy underlayment, maintained 95% thickness after check of 1,320 lbs of stress for 7 days.

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The ROBERTS First Step Premium 3-in-1 (40 in. x 189 ft.- 630 sq. ft. Roll) underlayment meant for use in floating engineered wooden floors. Its an efficient for sound lowering underlayment able to addressing minor flooring imperfections.

This underlayment has Cushioning-Styrofoam-beads between high and backside layers creates a pocket of regularly circulating air that stops mildew and mildew progress. .

4. Roberts 70-025 Qep 70-029 Unison Underlayment Polyethylene

  • Polyethylene foam
  • Has overlap movie 3” adhesive strip for seamless safety and straightforward DIYs set up.
  • Thick sufficient (2mm) to forestall dangerous moisture vapor.
  • Gentle weight (1.46 kilos) straightforward to roll 100sq ft (4 toes x 25 toes x 3/32 Inch) underlayment.

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5. Finest laminate 3-in-1 Flooring Underlayment

Best laminate 3-in-1 Flooring Underlayment
  • Simple to make use of the roll weigh simply 0.16 ounces making it light-weight throughout set up.
  • Price pleasant for DIYs, include self-adhesive tape you don’t must search for underlayment tapes.
  • It’s reduce and offered in small rolls of 100 sq.ft appropriate for each small and enormous customers.

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Unison underlayment is a light-weight underlayment that’s roll and low cost to put in. It comes with self-adhesive strip tape that permits straightforward set up for DIYs.This underlayment is supposed to be used in areas that aren’t vulnerable to quite a lot of moisture and noise. It’s good for lowering moisture in your flooring however not a great in absorbing sound.

The underlayment is appropriate for wooden and cement sub-floors with engineered floating wooden floors. It’s additionally skinny 2mm that makes it appropriate for denser flooring planks not like the Roberts 70-193A and 70-190A Tremendous Felt Cushion Underlayment. It additionally very low cost in comparison with Quitewalk Underlayment.

6. QEP 72003Q Cork Underlayment

cork-underlayment 6mm-4ft-25-ft-
  • Suitable with the thermal transmission, rising its effectiveness of the ground heating system.
  • DIY’s pleasant for each loose-lay and glue- down configurations.
  • Good in absorbing sound for each the ground floor and dwelling area beneath.
  • Light-weight (28.9 kilos) 100 sq ft with 10.7 x 48.5 x 10.7 inches dimension roll.

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QEP 72003Q pure cork underlayment is sweet in absorbing sound on the vinyl flooring. It’s exactly manufactured for max effectivity in engineered wooden and laminate flooring.

 It acts as a great crack isolation membrane to withstand and stop stress cracks and sound by way of the sub-floor to the flooring floor.

The underlayment is simple to put in and ideal for DIY installations beneath the vinyl and different engineered wooden, ceramic, tile, porcelain, stone, and marble.

Its greatest put in with Robert cork adhesive with a 75-pound curler. Its one of many Finest underlayment heated flooring system, its assist cut back thermal transmission loss. It has an STC score of 60 and an IIC score of 61 with 6-Inch cement slab and suspended ceiling or STC score of 52 and an IIC score of 51 with 6-Inch cement slab.

7. AMERIQUE 691322306255 Premium 3-In-1 Heavy Obligation Foam 3MM Thick Flooring Underlayment

AMERIQUE 691322306255 Premium 3-In-1 Heavy Duty Foam 3MM Thick Flooring Underlayment
  • Sturdy underlayment since its made with anti-crush know-how for wonderful efficiency and longevity.
  • Able to defending flooring from moisture injury like mildew and mildew.
  • Excessive sound absorption materials.
  • Finest non allergenic underlayment for allergy suffers.

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AMERIQUE 691322306255 is completely manufactured with 3mm(thickness) closed foam know-how for an environment friendly and most sound discount in your engineered wooden and hardwood flooring.

8. QuietWalk Underlayment

  • Made from recycled fibers that present superior sound discount.
  • Its 100 sq. ft, product of dense fibers succesful to uphold construction help or compression resistance.
  • Non -VOC and off-gassing fibers thus clear and secure indoor air high quality.
  • Forestall moisture vapor therefore defend the ground from moisture injury.
  • East roll out and be a part of the seam set up for DIY.
  • Supply safety in opposition to leaky plumbing by absorbing 5 instances its weight.

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QuietWalk Underlayment offers superior sound discount on you vinyl plank flooring. The underlayment is produced from recycled fibers able to absorbing sound and stop it from travelling from one room to a different.This assist the ground to really feel strong underfoot.

Dense recycle fibers offers structural help to the press collectively mechanisms of floating flooring in addition to supportive configuration constant site visitors in your vinyl flooring. These fibers are additionally succesful to forestall moisture vapor from dangerous ranges.

Quitewalk underlayment is a licensed Non-VOC underlayment that guarantee clear and secure indoor air high quality. It additionally ranks amongst the perfect underlayment for flooring heating techniques. Fibers are identified to permit warmth to permeate evenly whereas defending the flooring materials from thermal shock and obtain evenly quiet heat in your flooring. 

It’s DIY pleasant, roll lout and be a part of the seam. As soon as laid down its capability to forestall waviness or ripples in your flooring. The underlayment is ready to defend your flooring from leaks and defective plumbing. The fibers are in a position to soak up 5 instances the load of the underlayment whereas stopping the overlying vinyl flooring.

The fibers are made with secure anti-microbial properties to inhibit mildew and mildew progress in your sub-floor. The underlayment will not be too skinny or thick to get injury from falling instruments and objects. It among the best underlayment type allergens suffers.

It has the next score IIC Sound Score – Impression Vibration Sounds 71, STC Sound Score 66, Delta IIC Sound Score 22, R-Worth 0.58, Moisture Safety, 423 lbs / 1000 sq ft / 24 hours.

Right here a video of greatest underlayment’s for vinyl flooring


Options to search for in an Underlayment [Buying Guide]

The perfect options of underlayment to search for consists of:

1. Has Good Sound Absorption

Vinyl flooring will be noisy flooring and requires underlayment that deadens this sound transmission from one room to the opposite. Silent, peaceable and quiet surroundings is vital in your dwelling area particularly the bedrooms and school rooms.

Look our for underlayment that has greater Sound Transmission Class (STC) and Impression Isolation Class (IIC) scores.

2. Present Moisture and Vapor Safety

Underlayments shouldn’t solely soak up sound. However in addition to insulate the ground, leaving it hotter within the winter and cooler in the summertime. The underlayment produced from cork is greatest for these purposes.

3. Minimizes sub-floor imperfections:

The subfloors will not be constant in levelness. Subsequently, the perfect underlayment ought to assist deal with subfloor floor roughness and different imperfections. This could additionally assist reduce down on additional subfloor floor prepping time in addition to an additional value that would have been incurred.

3. Needs to be a great Warmth Insulator

The warmth conductivity of any given materials determines its thermal score. The upper the thermal score worth of the underlayment, the much less warmth will be capable of transfer by way of it making it the perfect underlayment and can make the ground stay and really feel underfoot throughout winter.

4. It ought to have Anti-microbial properties

Some underlayment supplies have anti-microbial properties that may make them healthful. Supplies like cork, naturally include these traits. Others like fibers are manufactured particularly to have these properties

5. Licensed Clear and Protected for Indoor Air High quality

You wouldn’t need to set up smelly and allergic inflicting underlayment in your home. Flooring underlayment shouldn’t be smelly and even off- gassing bizarre smells.

All the time analysis and verify for some certification for indoor air high quality testing achieved. It’s one of many methods to protects your pets and household from getting undesirable ailments complications or illness.

Do you want Underlayment for Vinyl Flooring?

Does vinyl flooring actually need an underlayment?Putting in a flooring is a pricey affair, it’s worthwhile to get it proper from the beginning. Having chosen vinyl, you might be questioning in the event you want underlayment or not? This is dependent upon the product used and put in on the subfloor. Contemplate the next suggestions.

Vinyl flooring that will likely be glued down or laid unfastened don’t want underlayment since they’re put in instantly over the subfloor. For wooden subfloors, you’ll have so as to add underlayment for sound discount. Underlayment will add additional cushion to the ground, making a softer really feel underfoot and in addition a might rule in some complexes.

Underlayment thickness for Vinyl flooring

A vinyl flooring underlayment is not going to be as thick as a laminate or hardwood underlayment. Many of the accessible underlayment for vinyl is between 1 mm to 1.5 mm thick.

Underlayments for Vinyl Flooring

Underlayment is obtainable in numerous supplies to select from. Cement board, plywood, and hardboard are a number of the frequent underlayments. At instances, the underlayment used or wanted is only a skinny foam padding to offer a clean flat floor to your flooring overlaying.

What’s an Underlayment?

Underlayment is likely one of the layers instantly beneath the ground overlaying. Frequent supplies for sound management underlayment embrace; cork, fiber matting, foam, composite membrane.

One primary key to excellent sound management is to keep away from exhausting floor transference factors. Implying the subfloor and flooring shouldn’t contact the wall, the area left ought to have some vibration absorbing-material because the underlayment.

What’s the Goal of Underlayment?

Regardless of vinyl being strong and engineered wooden flooring, its skinny and lacks solidity. The underlayment will strengthen it in addition to enhance sound absorption.

Vinyl flooring would really feel exhausting in your toes, chilly and would simply transmit sound to different rooms and the ground beneath. Subsequently underlayment can be good to scale back the imperfections.

Vinyl underlayment

Underlayment for vinyl flooring serves the next functions:

  • Helps soak up sound
  • Assist to offer a strong clean flat floor
  • Helps enhance flooring thermal insulation
  • Acts as a vapor barrier to your flooring
  • Helps enhance subfloor or current flooring imperfections like gaps and so forth
  • Assist defend molds and mildew

Forms of Underlayments

There are a number of several types of underlayments. The choice of the underlayment is dependent upon the subfloor, environmental moisture and the popular flooring overlaying to being put in.

These kinds of underlayments embrace;


Foam underlayment is good for flooring with plywood and OSB subfloor the place water moisture ain’t a hassle. It is likely one of the most cost-effective underlayment accessible.


Felt is manufactured from recycled fibers thus denser than foam underlayment. It’s a great sound absorber, insulator and eco-friendly. It might include vapor boundaries for additional sturdiness.


Cork underlayment is good in areas with water moisture. It’s hypoallergic, protects in opposition to mildew and mildew in addition to good for sound dampening. Cork is extraordinarily eco-friendly and a good selection for folks with allergic reactions.

Nonetheless, it’s not your best option for areas like the lavatory, basement. It’s possible you’ll contemplate cork with vapor barrier or rubber for such flood-prone areas.


Particleboard has a thickness of 1/2 inch, cheap, clean flat and bonds with adhesives effectively. It’s a great underlayment in areas the place moisture will not be a difficulty. It should be put in on a robust subfloor since its brittle.


Plywood underlayment has a bonus over particleboard. It’s stronger and water resistant than particleboard. Nonetheless, it nonetheless has some shortcomings particularly when stress or weight is utilized in a single spot.

It’s possible you’ll contemplate marine-grade plywood which will be put in in flood-prone areas and may stand up to stress than regular plywood.

Orient Strand Board (OSB)

OSB could also be used as an underlayment for some flooring coverings. It’s a great possibility the place softer underlayment is most popular. The Plywood underlayment is sweet the place exhausting underlayment is most popular.

Cement board

Cement board like Wonderboard and fiberboard like Durock are the perfect underlayment for the mortared flooring. They’re clean, mold-resistant and straightforward to chop. In case your flooring overlaying will likely be ceramic tile, stone or porcelain cement board/fiber cement board sheet is an effective underlayment for you.


Rubber is a brilliant versatile underlayment. It protects your flooring from mildew and mildew. It additionally protects you from hollow-sounding flooring, a great sound absorber, and an insulator.

Rubber is an effective underlayment for tile wooden and carpet. The underlayment is eco-friendly, however not a great possibility for Vinyl because of staining.

Suggestions for Underlayment

  • Guarantee your underlayment is as skinny as potential. Thicker underlayment will create extra issues.
  • Contemplate your flooring overlaying earlier than deciding on the underlayments.
  • Some flooring coverings include underlayment hooked up already.

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