Bromine vs Chlorine Tablets For Your Pool: What’s the Difference?

Last Updated: June 29, 2021

If you will have by no means owned a hot tub, you will have by no means thought-about cleansing your pool with something apart from chlorine. For a number of causes, together with pores and skin sensitivities, individuals have determined to modify their pool sanitizing obligations over to bromine.

There are positives and negatives to every decision as a pool owner. We will break down for you the variations between bromine and chlorine so you’ll be able to determine which is best to your state of affairs.

What Is the Difference Between Bromine and Chlorine?

The best option to perceive the distinction between bromine and chlorine is to think about this one instance.

You are lounging in a sizzling tub, and the total time you’re in there you aren’t smelling chemical compounds, your pores and skin feels smooth and clean, and also you nearly marvel if the water is correctly sanitized. As you get out of the sizzling tub, the odor hits. All of a sudden, you’ll be able to odor a powerful bromine sizzling tub odor in your pores and skin. This odor will doubtless not go away and not using a swim in the pool or a bathe. The bromine lingers.

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How Bromine Works

When you place bromine in your pool, it finds dangerous micro organism and assaults it. When it’s completed attacking the micro organism, there’s nonetheless some bromine leftover. This bromine stays in the water, able to combat the subsequent spherical of dangerous containments.

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How Chlorine Works

When you place chlorine in your pool, it does the similar factor that bromine does. Chlorine seeks out the dangerous micro organism in your pool and assaults it. Here is the place the distinction is available in. Chlorine is finished after it sanitizes the pool. After chlorine attaches to and fights the micro organism, it’s now not helpful for something. It will generally linger in the water till extra chlorine is added, nevertheless it won’t assist in cleansing the pool.

The Difference

Since the bromine lasts longer than the chlorine, you want a lot much less of it to wash a pool. Even with the reality that you simply want much less, bromine remains to be a way more costly option to sanitize your pool than chlorine is. When contemplating the distinction between bromine and chlorine, simply do not forget that sizzling tub odor and the means bromine lingers clearly exhibits the distinction between the two.

Why Is Bromine So Commonly Used in Hot Tubs?

Although some individuals efficiently sanitize their pool with bromine, it’s mostly utilized in sizzling tubs. The cause bromine does so well in hot tubs is that it features very properly at excessive temperatures. Chlorine won’t successfully clear a sizzling tub as a result of it received’t survive lengthy in the heat temperatures. If you will have a heated pool and wish to preserve the pool very heat, bromine could also be one thing to contemplate.

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Will Bromine Help If I’m Allergic to Chlorine?

You could also be questioning about switching to bromine as a result of you’ll be able to’t deal with the nasty side effects of chlorine anymore. Between the smells, the inexperienced hair, and the respiratory difficulties, generally it’s simply now not attainable to make use of chlorine in your pool.

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There is nice and dangerous information in terms of switching to bromine. If you will have delicate pores and skin, bromine generally is a nice different. Bromine might be a lot simpler in your pores and skin as in comparison with chlorine. Bromine can even depart much less of a odor in and round the pool.

The dangerous information is that bromine remains to be chlorine-based. If you genuinely have a chlorine allergy bromine remains to be not going to chop it instead to your pool sanitizing wants.

Why Is Bromine So Commonly Used in Indoor Pools?

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Bromine may be very usually used and advisable in indoor swimming pools due to its advantages. Bromine can’t be protected against the solar. Where you’ll be able to add stabilizer to a pool to guard your chlorine and have it last more towards the burning solar, bromine won’t stabilize like this. If your pool is situated in a really sunny and vibrant a part of your yard, you’ll undergo bromine quick. Too quick to make this a financially accountable alternative to modify to.

If you will have an outside pool in the shade, bromine might be barely more practical, though it’ll nonetheless price you fairly a bit greater than chlorine will.

What Is the Switch Like?

If you will have determined that bromine is the higher cleaner to your pool, the swap from chlorine is sort of easy. All you could do is begin utilizing bromine tablets as an alternative of chlorine. As all the time, be sure that to test your pool ranges earlier than switching after which once more after you do. It generally is a bit more difficult to lift the bromine degree in your pool if issues get low. Pay shut consideration to the ranges, and if want be, there’s a bromine up chemical that may be added.

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Pros & Cons of Bromine


  • Lasts longer in the water than chlorine
  • Works properly at excessive temperatures
  • An wonderful alternative for a sizzling tub
  • Does not make the water or pool space odor
  • Easier in your pores and skin
  • Effective to be used in indoor swimming pools


  • Smell lingers in your pores and skin longer than chlorine
  • Considerably dearer than chlorine
  • Not efficient in swimming pools which might be in direct daylight
  • Just a sanitizer

Pros & Cons of Chlorine


  • Easy to make use of, available and less expensive than bromine
  • Will not depart a odor on the pores and skin after exiting the pool
  • Easier to lift if the pool is working low
  • Can stabilize in the solar


  • Can trigger pores and skin, eye and lung irritation
  • Can odor robust in and round the water
  • Both an oxidizer and a sanitizer

Conclusion: Which is Better?

There is not any proper reply as as to if chlorine or bromine is best. Depending on if you’re working with a sizzling tub, an indoor pool, an outside pool, and so on., you’ll have to appropriately decide which is able to work higher for you. Keep in thoughts that no matter your determination, you’ll spend more cash on bromine than you’ll on chlorine. For some pool homeowners, that is the solely reality they should find out about the variations to find out that bromine is, the truth is, not the proper alternative for them.

Bromine or chlorine, be sure you proceed to test your pool chlorine ranges and ensure they’re inside vary.

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