Gas vs Electric Pool Heater: What’s the Difference?

Last Updated: June 6, 2021

If you wish to warmth your pool, you might need questions on what kind of heater is best for warming the water. The two commonest forms of pool heaters are fuel and electrical heaters, and we’re going to take an in-depth take a look at each varieties and speak about the pros and cons of every.

2 Types of Pool Heaters

The two forms of pool heaters that we’re going to be taking a look at are fuel and electrical.

Gas Pool Heaters

Gas heaters work by heating water over an open flame and work similar to a water heater or boiler in your house. There are two forms of fuel pool heaters: pure fuel and propane.

Natural Gas

Natural gas pool heaters would require a fuel line to be current, and it’ll want an expert to put in it.  Natural fuel heaters are rather more costly than propane heaters, however they’re much extra everlasting and can final a few years.

Sta-Rite SR333NA Natural Gas Pool Heater


Propane heaters use small refillable tanks that you could be have already got expertise utilizing together with your barbeque grills and mills. Propane heaters are a lot cheaper than pure fuel, however they require fixed refilling and will run out once you want it most.

Besides the preliminary price, each forms of fuel heaters would require extra upkeep than an electrical heater as carbon builds up round the ignitors. They may even launch dangerous emissions which might be unhealthy for the setting and would require satisfactory air flow.

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Hayward W3H400FDP Propane Pool Heater

On the optimistic aspect, a fuel heater can warmth the water to the next temperature than is feasible with an electrical heater, and it might probably do it a lot sooner as nicely. The fuel heater’s means to rapidly warmth the water to a excessive temperature means that you can use it in chilly climate and might can help you preserve your pool open year-round in some instances.


  • Able to maintain the pool open year-round
  • Heats the pool rapidly
  • Heats water to the next temperature


  • Not environmentally pleasant
  • Fuel price varies
  • Require extra routine upkeep
  • Higher preliminary price

When To Use A Gas Heater

Use Gas for bigger swimming pools, and in colder environments. Use Gas in smaller swimming pools that you just wish to take pleasure in throughout the colder winter months.

Electric Pool Heaters

Electric heaters work by pulling water over a number of heating components which might be heated by electrical energy. The extra heating coils a heater has, the extra scorching water it might probably produce. These heaters function in the same solution to tankless water heaters present in some houses.

Electric heaters are sometimes cheaper to buy initially than fuel heaters, and also you often don’t require skilled help to put in it. They are a lot better for the setting producing no dangerous vapors, and there’s no probability they may explode or leak gasoline.

FibroPool FH055 In Ground Swimming Pool Heater

The draw back to electrical pool heaters is that they heat the water very slowly, and it might probably take a number of hours to extend the temperature a level or two. This sluggish heating is very noticeable when you’ve got a big pool. Because the pool heater must run for prolonged durations, the price of warming the water can get very excessive when in comparison with the ongoing price of Gas. The heater’s lack of ability to boost the temperature quite a lot of days renders it incapable of preserving your pool open via the winter season.

When To Use Electric Heaters

Electric heaters are good for smaller swimming pools and swimming pools that don’t require a lot heating. These heaters may also help the pool maintain temperature over a chilly evening, and also you would possibly like them if it usually takes you a very long time to get used to the water in your pool.


The kind of heater you get on your pool relies upon instantly on the type of pool you could have. If you could have a  giant inground pool and your own home already makes use of pure Gas, then a pure fuel heater is the most suitable option. If you could have an above ground pool and also you want to extend the season, a propane fuel heater will be the best resolution. If you could have a small pool that will get chilly in a single day, otherwise you discover your pool somewhat chilly even on the warmest days, then an electrical heater could also be all it’s worthwhile to maximize your pool time enjoyment.

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