How to Clean the Bottom of Your Pool (Simple Steps)

Last Updated: June 29, 2021

If you’re noticing loads of sediment or particles at the backside of your pool, you might be fighting how to clear it up.

There are a number of steps you’ll be able to take to clear the backside of your pool, nevertheless it largely will depend on what it’s you’re attempting to decide up.

Let’s talk about a number of strategies for cleansing the backside of your pool and what every approach is best to clear.

Plastic Garden Rake

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Image Credit: Osama Alrowhani, Unsplash

When we advocate utilizing a plastic backyard rake in your swimming pool, you in all probability assume we’ve misplaced our minds. However, the plastic garden rake will be the good software to decide up bigger particles like damaged twigs and branches, or massive deposits of leaves and seedpods, which might accumulate in massive quantities and block or clog different strategies of removing.

Make certain the rake is plastic and never steel, and use it such as you ordinarily would. Rake the particles right into a pile in the center of the pool so you’ll be able to scoop it out.

Pressure Side Vacuum

Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner

The subsequent methodology we advocate for cleansing up the backside of your pool is the pressure side vacuum. The strain aspect vacuum will get its identify as a result of it makes use of the return strain from the pump as a substitute of the suction aspect normally used. This sort of vacuum makes use of water strain and a web to entice massive particles. This sort of vacuum additionally works with the backyard home, however when utilizing a backyard hose, you add water to your pool, and you might or might not need to do this.

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The strain aspect vacuum captures particles in the web, so it doesn’t enter the filter system and clog the sand or cartridge. This sort of vacuum is ideal for selecting up seedpods and many sorts of suspended particles and grass clippings.

Suction Side Vacuum

XtremepowerUS Premium Automatic Suction Vacuum

The suction aspect vacuum is the most typical sort of pool vacuum. It works along with your pool’s filter system and comes with the pool. The suction side vacuum connects to your pool’s filter system by means of the skimmer. You can then use it as an extraordinary vacuum and suck up the grime from the backside of the pool. The particles will get trapped in the sand filter.

If the materials you’re vacuuming is simply too dense, it could possibly clog your filter and require backwashing to take away from the filter system.

Pool Brush

Poolmaster 20183

If none of the strategies beforehand talked about had been ready to take away the substance from the backside of the pool, some good quaint elbow grease and a pool brush would possibly do the job. The pool brush could be very comparable to a deck brush, however the bristles aren’t as harsh in your liner. You need to use the brush to gently scrub away the contaminants from the backside of your pool.


As you could have seen, the sort of sediment that you’ve on the backside of your pool goes to decide the methodology you employ to clear it up. If the particles is usually massive items, like branches, leaves, twigs, and many others., then you need to use the plastic rake to decide them up. If the particles are too small for the rake however might clog up your sand filter, we advocate utilizing the strain aspect vacuum and capturing the contaminants in the web. If the contaminants are small and don’t pose a menace to your sand filter, you need to use the suction aspect vacuum to get rid of them. Some particles requires scrubbing, and in that case, you want to use the pool brush.

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In most circumstances, both the strain aspect or the suction aspect vacuum will do the job. Sometimes the strain aspect vacuum can lead to cloudy water as a result of it pushes contaminants up by means of the web. If the pollution go by means of the web, they’re dispersed again into the pool. The suction aspect vacuum pulls the water immediately into the skimmer and into the sand filter.

All of the following tips will work for above floor in addition to in-ground pools. If you will have realized a bit bit extra about how to clear the backside of your pool, please share this quick information on Facebook and Twitter.

Featured Image Credit: Ludwig Willimann, Pixabay

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