How to Get Rid of Mustard Algae in Your Pool

Last Updated: June 5, 2021

As pool consultants, simply the point out of the phrase mustard makes us cringe.

Most of us have solely stopped placing mustard on our turkey sandwiches simply because of the recollections it brings up.

Dealing with a mustard (or yellow) algae outbreak in your pool is an actual ache.  It may be cleared up, and your pool shall be distinctive once more, however it would take a while, some elbow grease, and a few chemical substances.

We offers you our confirmed 8-step technique to get rid of mustard algae after which some tips about holding it away.

1. Test Your Pool Water

Yes, we all know that the majority of our guides begin with testing the pool water, however you want a baseline established.

Make positive that you just get the studying on the pH and chlorine.

2. Brush & Clean

Grab your brush and hit each floor of your pool. The sides, the underside, the ladders, the steps all of it wants to be brushed. This will disturb the algae and get you headed in the direction of the method of removing.  Once the brushing is completed, you possibly can vacuum the pool.

cleaning the pool

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3. Test

When the vacuuming is completed, check the water once more and see if something has modified.  Balance the pool water as best you possibly can at this level. If you want to add any water to the pool after your vacuum, now could be the time to do it.

4. Clean

Now the cleansing begins to make it possible for your mustard algae is gone for good.  All swimsuits, pool toys, and pool gear should be cleaned.

You ought to use a chlorine-based cleaner (one thing like Clorox Clean-Up), however you do not want to use straight bleach. Straight bleach may be very damaging to clothes and materials and even some plastics.

Use that brush one final time to hit the edges of the pool. The extra you sweep that mustard algae away, the higher off you’ll be.

All of the pool gear that has come into contact with the pool water ought to be put in the low finish of your pool.  The vacuum, the pole, and all of the brushes you’ve got used will want to be in there if you get to the step of stunning the pool.

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Clean the pool filter and backwash if obligatory.

5. Shock It Hard

Now is the time to shock the pool.  This will probably take greater than a single shock remedy. Most pool house owners want to do a triple shock to get the pool again to the place it wants to be.  Go forward and triple shock the pool, with the pool gear in it.

Do this at evening in order that the solar doesn’t burn off that powerful chlorine that the pool wants to get again to its standard self.

pool chemicals

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6. Brush

Yep, again to the brushing.

Grab the comb out of the low finish and use it to brush the complete pool once more.  Hopefully, at this level, some of the algae appears to be disappearing. You can depart all of the gear in the low finish for now. When you end brushing, toss that brush again in the water.

7. Shock It Again

The pool will want one other shock after that final brushing. This generally is a single shock, and you do not want to do the triple shock that you just did in step quantity 5.  Keep in thoughts that with the excessive ranges of chlorine that the pool shall be experiencing with the additional shocks that you just shouldn’t be utilizing the pool throughout this time.

8. Check It All Out

After that remaining shock remedy, your pool ought to be again in working situation.  At this level, you want to check out your filter and possibly do one other backwash as nicely. You need to make it possible for no mustard algae is hiding out in any of your gear. It is okay to take the comb and different pool gear out of the low finish now.

Check for any seen indicators of algae development and ensure to keep on these by frequently brushing.

Your pool would probably profit from an algaecide remedy about 3-5 days after the final shock. Some pool house owners add algaecide to their pool month-to-month or biweekly to keep on high of these outbreaks.

Why Did I Get Mustard Algae in My Pool?

Now that we’ve defined what to do when you have mustard algae in your pool, chances are you’ll be questioning the way it received there in the primary place. Here are some things that will have led to your mustard algae breakout.

High pH Levels: If your pH ranges keep too excessive for too lengthy you’re giving mustard algae the prospect to develop

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Low Chlorine: Don’t skip the chlorine. Make positive your chlorine is at all times inside vary if you’re attempting to hold mustard algae at bay

Filter Issues: If your filter will not be correctly circulating the water, any type of algae can develop. Being that mustard algae is sort of as annoying as black algae is ensure to hold an in depth eye on that pool gear.

What Can I Do to Keep Mustard Algae Away?

Now that you’ve got your pool all cleaned up, it’s time to make it possible for this by no means comes again.

Catch It Early

First, let’s speak about testing these water ranges if you’re testing your pH and chlorine as soon as a month you’re asking for an algae outbreak. When we advocate that you just test your pH ranges just a few occasions per week, we aren’t kidding. Catching a change in the extent proper from the start could make a giant distinction in the quantity of work you’ve got to clear all the pieces up.

Try a Floating pH Monitor

If you aren’t somebody that may be trusted to test the pH levels in the pool frequently, there’s a system that may assist.  With a floating pH monitor, your chemical substances shall be examined a number of thousand occasions per week. The outcomes of these assessments shall be despatched straight to an app in your cellphone.  As quickly as the degrees begin to go astray, you’ll get a notification that one thing wants to be executed. Perhaps higher than simply the warning, additionally, you will obtain info on how to repair the problem.  This all comes at a worth, however it might be value it when your arms are about to fall off from all of the mustard algae scrubbing you’ve got been doing.

check the pH of your pool

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Don’t Fear the Shock

Second, don’t be afraid to use shock. Many pool house owners suppose that they want to save the shock for when issues get horrible. You actually shouldn’t be doing this. Shock your pool frequently.  During the excessive swim season, when you’ve got heaps of folks utilizing the pool, go forward and shock It each week. It gained’t harm the pool, and it’ll hold some of these points away earlier than they even begin.

Keep Your Filter Running

Third, hold your filter working. Yes, we perceive that it will get costly to run your filter 8, 12, 16 hours a day, however it wants to be executed. If you’ve got a pool that’s in direct daylight and the climate has been heat, you’re simply asking to create algae. Keep the water circulating by way of your filter (algae hates that), and you will note so much fewer points.

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Do the Dirty Work

Last, you’ve got to clean the pool. It generally is a lot of work, and with all the opposite issues that go on in your day, taking the time to clear the pool may be exhausting, however it’s higher than a mustard algae outbreak. Each week if you vacuum the pool, you want to brush the edges as nicely. It solely takes a couple of minutes to go across the sides and make sure that nothing is beginning to develop.

With the mix of these strategies, you need to be ready to hold that mustard algae out of your pool for good!

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Is It Safe to Swim When My Pool Has Mustard Algae In It?

Technically the algae itself will not be harmful for people. The drawback is whether it is left to sit and multiply, it may be a breeding floor for micro organism. Swimming in micro organism is, in reality, harmful and ought to be prevented in any respect prices. The solely folks keen and keen to soar in your mustard algae-covered pool are probably your youngsters. With how a lot water youngsters eat when swimming, it’s best to hold them out till the algae is gone, and all chlorine ranges have returned to regular.

Is Mustard Algae Worse Than Green Algae?

Mustard algae falls someplace in between inexperienced algae and black algae.

The drawback with mustard algae is that it appears fairly a bit like sand or filth in the pool, and it might go untreated for fairly a while. Make positive that if you see this kind of algae that may vary from a yellow to a brown shade that you just begin treating it instantly.

Green algae is the simplest to take away, and black algae is the toughest. Mustard algae falls in the center as a result of it takes some work, however it ought to go away if handled correctly.  If mustard algae will not be taken care of, there’s a probability that you’d have to drain your pool, acid wash it, after which fill it once more. This is a really worst-case situation that may simply be prevented by correct and routine pool upkeep.


Although you will get your pool again to swimmable in only a few days, avoiding mustard algae is the important thing.

With easy monitoring procedures, you possibly can simply hold issues underneath management.  Just ensure to deal with the algae as quickly as you acknowledge it. Don’t be afraid to use excessive ranges of shock to kill it and get these arms prepared for some scrubbing.

You need to make it possible for this mustard algae removing lasts!

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