How to Install Laminate Flooring on Concrete

Are you trying to enhance your flooring décor by putting in lovely laminate floorboards however are delay by the thought of getting to take away your present concrete flooring? Effectively, fear not, you possibly can merely lay the laminate flooring over the concrete floor.

You may lay laminate planks over varied concrete surfaces, together with on a concrete basement, on a concrete subfloor, or concrete stairs/steps.

We focus on the right course of for doing the identical within the part beneath, in addition to a suggestion on how flat your concrete flooring ought to be earlier than laying laminate flooring over it.

How do I lay laminate flooring on concrete?

The steps detailed beneath will information you on the way to correctly set up laminate flooring over concrete:

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1. Acclimatize the laminate floorboards to the room

After buying your laminate planks, it is best to retailer them within the room through which they’re to be put in for as much as 72-hours earlier than continuing with set up. This permits sufficient time for the planks to acclimatise to the room’s humidity and temperature.

2. Prep the sub-floor

Earlier than you lay your laminate flooring boards over the present subfloor, you’ll need to be certain that the concrete floor is clear, dry, cured and degree. For example, we wouldn’t advocate putting in laminate flooring over new concrete subfloor that’s lower than a month outdated; as that is the length it usually takes for concrete to treatment correctly.

Additionally, a dry concrete floor helps forestall warping and effervescent of the laminate planks. You may measure how moist/dry your concrete floor is earlier than laminate set up by utilizing a concrete moisture package.

In the meantime, you possibly can rid the floor of filth and particles by sweeping it or vacuuming it. Lastly, you must examine how degree the concrete floor is utilizing a protracted degree. Any variances increased than 3/16th of an inch for each 10-feet isn’t good for laminate set up and must be mounted utilizing a concrete grinder.

The grinder additionally works to smoothen the concrete floor, as laminate planks don’t set up effectively on tough surfaces. The troughs, in the meantime, may be crammed in utilizing levelling compound.

3. Set up Underlayment

The primary drawback with a concrete subfloor is that it’s liable to moisture issues, as a consequence of its porous construction. As such, you must set up underlayment materials to behave as a vapor barrier earlier than laying down your laminate planks. Failure to take action will result in elevated probabilities of structural points like warping sooner or later. Among the supplies that we’d advocate as an underlayment for efficient moisture proofing embody foam limitations, vinyl-backed underlayment, and cork underlayment.

4. Set up the laminate planks

After getting ready the concrete subfloor and putting in a vapour barrier, it’s now time to put down your laminate flooring over the floor. Most commercially accessible floating laminate flooring boards boast a click-lock system, whereby the tongues and grooves on the planks are matched throughout set up.

It’s advisable to start out putting in from the farthest nook within the room. Additionally, guarantee to depart a ¼-inch hole alongside all edges of the room as you put in the ground boards. The hole is supposed to facilitate plank growth. The opposite factor you’ll need to think about is staggering the planks as you put in them for higher structural assist. Lastly, minimize and form the final plank in every row you lay down to suit the remaining house.

What do I want to put laminate flooring on concrete?

To correctly set up laminate flooring over concrete, you’ll want the next instruments and provides:

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  1. Laminate floorboards– that is the primary provide for this challenge and you must purchase 10% extra planks than you’d calculated in your room space to cowl for wastage.
  2. Underlayment– you should buy high quality underlayment that may successfully preserve off moisture from affecting your flooring.
  3. Development equipment– these might embody measurement instruments and chopping instruments like a tape measure, a pencil, a noticed, and a rubber mallet.
  4. Trowel- for making use of leveling compound in the course of the subfloor preparation stage.
  5. Private protecting gear– a security helmet, a pair of hand gloves, and security goggles ought to all the time be a part of your security attire for each DIY building challenge you undertake.

Can you place laminate flooring instantly on concrete?

Whilst you can set up laminate flooring instantly on prime of your concrete surface- it isn’t advisable. It is because concrete is porous and can take in moisture, resulting in vapor harm in your laminate planks. As a substitute, we’d advocate installing underlayment to behave as a vapor barrier between the concrete subfloor and the laminate floorboards.

Can you put in laminate flooring on uneven concrete?

It’s best to completely keep away from putting in laminate flooring boards over a concrete floor that’s not degree, as it will set off structural points. For example, the laminate planks might begin warping everytime you step on boards above a humped up spot on the concrete subfloor beneath it.

What’s extra, you’re sure to listen to irritating noises each time you step on laminate flooring that was put in on uneven concrete. It is because the excessive and low factors within the concrete subfloor create air pockets, which then produce the loud ‘pop’ sounds when stress is utilized from above. The easiest way to go about this- then- is to first off degree the concrete floor for quick and high quality set up.

How flat does concrete flooring should be for laminate?

There shouldn’t be any variance exceeding 3/sixteenth of an inch for each 10 ft of flooring house. If that is so, you’ll must degree your concrete floor by sanding the excessive spots and filling within the low spots. The respective instruments for doing so are a concrete sander and a cement-based leveling compound.

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