How To Level An Above Ground Pool With Water In It Already

Last Updated: May 26, 2021

Summer has arrived, and you might be so excited as a result of your new pool has been arrange. Then you discover that the water degree is larger on one facet than the opposite. That means the bottom below your pool isn’t completely degree.

One inch off?

Level floor is important for above floor swimming pools. If one facet is an inch decrease than the opposite, the water degree can be larger on that facet. Water will then splash out with any roughhousing, or any leaping into it. That isn’t an enormous deal, however you will have so as to add water continuously, and it’ll take its toll on the sidewall after some time.

Two or extra inches off?

If the 2 sides are off by two inches or extra, it turns into a significant issue. No matter what you do with water, it should all the time stay degree, so a two-inch distinction places lots of water strain towards the wall of the decrease facet. The partitions are made to help the burden of the water evenly. When one facet is holding greater than the opposite, it should start to bulge below the burden. If left that method, the wall will collapse. The quantity of water in your pool will decide how shortly this can occur. It could possibly be hours, days, or weeks.

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How to repair it

Leveling a pool after it has water in it is vitally troublesome. Some folks will let you know that you need to empty the pool, disassemble it, and begin throughout at first. This is why we stress the significance of utilizing the suitable instruments to get the bottom ready, and double- and triple-checking that it’s degree prior to installing the pool for the primary time.

There is a method, nonetheless. It is a tough job that can take a minimum of two folks to do. Keep in thoughts while you tackle this process that your purpose is to get nearly all of the burden off one facet and evenly distributed all through. It is not possible to get a pool with water in it completely degree, so do the very best which you could.

Since you can be dealing with tough materials, we advocate that you simply put on a pair of labor gloves to keep away from any damage to your palms. They may also provide you with a greater grip.

Tools wanted:

  • Work gloves
  • Shovel
  • Filler
  • Hose

1. Drain some water

You are going to be lifting the decrease facet of the pool, so that you must eliminate a few of the weight. We advocate that you simply drain the pool till it’s solely half full.

2. Remove blocks

When you put in the pool, you place leveling blocks below the slab. You’ll need to take away them from the decrease facet.

3. Raise the wall

Once you’ve gotten eliminated the blocks, you will have to make use of your shovel to pry. Place the tip below the lip of the slab and push the deal with right down to raise it.

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4. Replace blocks

While you might be holding the slab up, have somebody substitute the leveling blocks beneath. They can be difficult to get in, so that you’ll want a hammer to assist.

5. Repeat

You might want to repeat this course of for each set of leveling blocks on the decrease facet of the inspiration.

6. Fill the outlet

You ought to have a gap left the place you lifted it. Fill it with soil. Water it down with a hose to be sure that it’s packed in there good. If it’s not packed tightly, the pool will shift, and also you’ll must do it yet again.

7. Refill the pool

Refill the pool to your required degree.


We can’t stress strongly sufficient how necessary it’s that your ground is completely degree prior to installing your pool. It may be onerous work and time-consuming, but it surely’s rather a lot simpler with none weight on it. Things don’t all the time go as deliberate, although, so in the event you discover that your pool is uneven after you fill it, don’t despair. It is fixable. It will simply take onerous effort and willpower in your half. When completed, you’ve gotten earned a well-deserved break. Refill the pool and funky off!

Featured Image Credit: Lineas 1703, Shutterstock

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