How To Quickly Get Rid of Water Bugs In Your Pool

Last Updated: June 6, 2021

Regardless of why they’re there and the potential advantages they may provide, pool house owners don’t like bugs within the pool. We all understand how troublesome it’s to get good blue and clear water; the very last thing anyone wants is bugs all around the high.

Sometimes when it’s only a few bugs in your pool, you might get away with a fast skim, however different occasions you gained’t be so fortunate. Two foremost sorts of water bugs will invade your pool. We are right here to let you know the way to shortly get rid of them and get again to having fun with that pool.

What Are the Two Types of Water Bugs?

The first sort of water bug is named a Corixid or a Water Boatman. This bug will paddle round in your pool water, however they’re additionally succesful of flying. Water boatmen have giant eyes and often develop to a couple of ½-inch lengthy. These bugs should not probably the most stunning issues you may have ever seen, however fortunately, they don’t chunk. In reality, water boatmen should not unhealthy bugs in any respect.


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The second sort of water bug is the Backswimmer, which is far more of an issue than a Water Boatman. The foremost cause behind that is that Backswimmers will chunk. Their chunk feels a bit like a bee sting, so it would be best to keep away from these pesky creatures in any respect prices. A Backswimmer and a Water Boatmen look very related. It might be difficult to tell apart which one has invaded your pool. The foremost distinction is that the Backswimmer will probably be swimming on it’s again. Take a fast have a look at the bug, and should you discover this, you’re coping with the extra annoying of the 2 water bugs.

Why Do I Have Water Bugs?

Now for a primary science lesson. Bugs are simply attempting to outlive. When they set up themselves as regulars in your pool, it’s as a result of you may have one thing to supply them. Water Boatman eat algae to outlive. If you may have Water Boatman in your pool, you almost certainly have an algae downside that’s about to start (if it hasn’t already). In addition to eating the algae, Water Boatman like to put their eggs in algae. If the algae is left untreated, these bugs will proceed to multiply together with the algae.

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So that explains Water Boatmen, however what about these biting Backswimmers. Backswimmers are predators within the bug world; they’re on the lookout for different bugs, very probably Water Boatman. If you may have a problem with Water Boatmen within the pool, it should very probably develop to an issue with Backswimmers if left untreated. Although Backswimmers is not going to eat algae, they do like to put their eggs in algae.

Backswimmer Bug

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Steps for Removal

Now that we all know why the water bugs have come for a go to let’s work on getting them out of the pool. One of the principle questions pool house owners ask in terms of water bugs is whether it is harmful to swim when they’re within the water. If you may have some volunteers that don’t thoughts swimming with bugs, it gained’t be hazardous for them. You will wish to keep away from the backswimmers, so that you don’t should take care of a sting. The neatest thing to do is simply get the bugs out.

Step 1: Skim

pool skimmer

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The very first thing it’s essential to do is take away as many of the bugs as you possibly can with the skimmer. Many individuals will inform you to kill the bugs that you simply take away, however that’s totally a private resolution. The Water Boatmen are fairly good at flying, so the possibilities are that they’ll fly away quickly after removing. If you assume that killing these bugs will maintain them from coming again, you’re flawed, there are extra, and they’ll discover your pool water shortly. Maybe simply let the bugs get on their method whilst you concentrate on the pool water.

Step 2: Clean

pool with bottom vaccum

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The subsequent factor it would be best to do is clear your pool. The pool will must be vacuumed and brushed. For this vacuum, attempt to use a traditional pool vacuum and never an automated cleaner. You will wish to just remember to hit all sides of the pool and get any filth that has settled on the underside. After the vacuum, be sure to brush all the perimeters and the underside of the pool. Remember that an algae outbreak is on its method, if it hasn’t already began. Brushing the perimeters of the pool and disturbing the algae is a vital step on this course of.

Step 3: Chemical Check

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Now that each one of your cleansing and skimming is completed, it’s time to verify the chemical ranges within the water. You will need your pH to be between 7.4 and seven.6, the chlorine between 1.0-3.0 elements per million (ppm), and the alkalinity between 80-140 ppm. This is one thing that try to be doing a number of occasions per week to guarantee that your pool stays algae free. Adjust your chemical ranges accordingly after which transfer to the following step.

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Step 4: Shock

pool chemicals

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The final step within the water bug removing course of is to shock the pool. Follow the suggestions in your specific pool dimension and ensure you use sufficient shock. Remember all the time to shock your pool at night time in order that the chemical is just not shortly burned off by the solar. After surprising your pool, maintain your pool filter operating for at the least twenty-four hours. Letting the pool filter run will be sure the shock is evenly distributed and that each one areas of the pool find yourself algae free.

At this level, your pool needs to be trying fairly a bit higher, and the water bugs can have probably discovered a greater hang around spot with tons extra algae to feast on. The pure habitat for these bugs is lakes and ponds the place there may be a lot of meals for them to remain alive. If you don’t wish to be identified to the native bug neighborhood as a pond, lake, and even swamp proprietor, let’s speak about issues you are able to do to maintain these water bugs away any more.

  • Chemical Checks: Your pool water must be checked usually. Wouldn’t it have been good to have caught this downside earlier than the bugs! If you discover points in pH or chlorine, repair them as quickly as you possibly can. This is nice recommendation not only for retaining bugs away however for an entire host of different potential pool issues as properly.
  • Daily Skimming: Some occasions of the 12 months, there gained’t be a single bug in your pool; different occasions, it will likely be lined. Depending on the place you reside, pests generally is a seasonal factor. Although skimming every day might not completely take away bugs, it should assist in terms of them laying eggs. If you will get them out of the pool earlier than they multiply, you’re in your strategy to a cleaner pool.
  • Treat the Area Around the Pool: If you’re taking a mix of dish cleaning soap and water and spray it on both sort of water bug, it should kill it. We don’t advocate this as a strategy to take care of the difficulty, however it may be used as a preventative measure. If you’re taking that spray and use it across the perimeter of the pool, it will possibly assist to maintain the bugs away. If they land in it, they could die, however they will even be bothered by the presence of the cleaning soap/water concoction and select one other space to hang around. Some pool house owners marvel about having their yard handled by a pest management firm though this could be efficient in coping with a bunch of creatures, in terms of water bugs you could deal with the supply of meals earlier than you will get rid of the issue.
  • Algaecide: Algaecide might be an efficient strategy to maintain algae out of your pool. If you regularly wrestle with algae outbreaks, algaecide will enable you maintain the pool clear. There are a number of downsides to algae, one of them being that it will possibly mess with the water readability. If you regularly monitor your pool chemical ranges, that needs to be sufficient to maintain algae away.
  • Pool Cover & Lights: Pool lights will appeal to bugs. They benefit from the lights, and it helps them discover the meals they’re on the lookout for. If you flip your pool gentle off at night time, you might discover that you’ve got fewer pool bugs once you get up within the morning. The similar goes for a pool cowl. If the water is roofed, the bugs will probably not even hassle. The downside with pool covers is that they’ll generally be cumbersome and annoying to placed on each night time. If you don’t see your self utilizing the pool cowl, don’t spend money on one.
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It shouldn’t be onerous to maintain water bugs away from a correctly maintained and balanced pool. It doesn’t take too lengthy as a pool proprietor to comprehend the significance of every day, weekly, and month-to-month pool upkeep.


If you may have water bugs in your pool, you do not want to panic. The water bugs are there to get meals. As quickly as you get rid of their meals supply, they gained’t wish to be in your pool. The removing course of for water bugs may be very simple and primarily consists of getting that algae out of your pool. Keep in thoughts that there are methods to stop this outbreak from taking place once more, however the very best factor you are able to do is maintain your pool chemical ranges in verify.

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