How to Remove Scratches from Vinyl Flooring? (Does Vinyl Flooring Scratch)

Does vinyl plank flooring scratch simply?

No, vinyl plank flooring doesn’t scratch simply because it’s comparatively scratch-resistant. Similar to laminate flooring, vinyl flooring can also be made to be low-maintenance in comparison with strong wooden flooring and may stand up to put on attributable to pet claws and furnishings drags. Nevertheless, that doesn’t imply that vinyl plank flooring are fully scratch-resistant.

Whereas it received’t scratch simply, vinyl flooring remains to be vulnerable to tear beneath heavy stress. It is because vinyl planks are fabricated from plastic materials all over, which is barely much less sturdy in comparison with laminate flooring that options each hardwood and plastic development.

As such, you’ll need to keep away from dragging heavier items of furnishings throughout your vinyl ground as it will go away behind ugly dents and scratches. If you happen to’re searching for vinyl flooring that’s extra immune to scratches, we suggest going for luxurious vinyl planks.

Whereas any such high-end vinyl flooring prices extra, it’s less-susceptible to stress and motion from above and is tougher to scratch in comparison with common vinyl plank flooring.

How you can take away scratches from vinyl flooring?

The correct methodology for eradicating scratches from vinyl flooring is determined by whether or not the scratches are gentle or deeper. For nice scratches attributable to pet claws, footwear, and dropped gadgets reminiscent of glass, we suggest following the process under to repair the scratches:

  1. First off, prep the ground by cleansing it both with a brush, a vacuum cleaner, or a moist mop. This can allow you to see the marks on the vinyl ground extra clearly and decide how deep the scratches are.
  2. After figuring out that they’re gentle scratches, use a rubber or a tennis ball to rub over the scratch strains in your vinyl flooring.
  3. If you happen to nonetheless have superficial scratches current on the ground after this preliminary therapy, observe up by wiping on them with an alcohol-drenched piece of fabric.

Take observe that the process detailed above is in contrast to to work for deeper scratches. Additionally, there’s an alternate methodology to take away gentle scuffs and gouges if the above technique doesn’t be just right for you. It includes utilizing a PU cleaner, as elaborated under:

  1. To begin off, calmly sand the scratched ground space utilizing fine-grit sandpaper. This helps to degree up the floor by eliminating any protruding edges and particles.
  2. End off the floor preparation by dusting the floor with a chunk of cotton clothes.
  3. Subsequent, take out your PU cleaner and shake it for about 20 seconds earlier than spraying.
  4. Whereas holding the PU cleaner about 30cm out of your vinyl floor, spray straight over the scratch strains, then let the world dry for at least 5 minutes earlier than spraying once more.
  5. If scratch marks are nonetheless seen after the primary two functions, a 3rd software is really helpful.
  6. As soon as finished, let the scratch-free vinyl floor dry up for as much as six hours earlier than anybody can stroll on it.

Are you able to repair deep scratches on vinyl flooring?

For deeper scratches and dents ensuing from dropping very heavy objects or dragging heavy furnishings throughout the vinyl ground, observe the strategy detailed under to repair the scratches:

  1. Begin off by cleansing and sanding the affected ground space. Cleansing will be finished utilizing a brush or a vacuum cleaner, adopted by a deeper cleanse utilizing a moist mop and a cleaning soap resolution.
  2. After cleansing to take away scratch-causing residue, sand the floor beginning off with fine-grit sandpaper, adopted by medium-grit, and eventually, coarse-grit sandpaper. Bear in mind, sanding ought to solely be undertaken on the scratched ground areas, because it helps to degree the scratches with the remainder of the vinyl floor.
  3. Really feel the ground floor along with your palms to find out if there are nonetheless any deep scratches and dents left. If the floor feels degree, then your job is completed. If not, you must sand the world some extra.
  4. As soon as finished, end off by cleansing and waxing your vinyl ground to the specified look.

If the scratches are extraordinarily deep, otherwise you don’t fancy the sanding methodology and discover it too labor-intensive or time-consuming, you’ll be able to take an alternate strategy. This strategy includes utilizing a liquid joint sealant, as detailed under:

  1. Guarantee to correctly ventilate the room- together with opening all of the windows- as liquid joint sealants sometimes have robust odors.
  2. Subsequent, clear the affected vinyl plank ground space by sweeping, then mopping with a moist mop.
  3. Use adhesive tape to demarcate the affected ground space.
  4. Now, apply the liquid joint sealant into the deep scratches and dents to fill them in.
  5. As soon as the scratches are sealed and the vinyl ground has dried up, take away the masking tape that you just’d used earlier to mark out the ground space.

How do I hold my vinyl ground from scratching?

Scratches spoil the aesthetic attraction of vinyl flooring and eat into your priceless time and monetary assets as it’s a must to repair them. That’s why it’s necessary to undertake the mandatory measures to make sure that scratches don’t happen within the first place. As an illustration, it’s advisable to put in ground protectors beneath furnishings legs, as it will stop the vinyl flooring from growing scratches and scuff marks attributable to furnishings motion or stress from the burden of the furnishings.

One other option to stop scratches is by putting in a mat on entryways to rooms with vinyl flooring. It is because as one walks into the home from exterior, they bring about in mud particles that are abrasive and may simply trigger gentle scratches on vinyl planks. With a vinyl-backed mat- however- you’ll be able to stop mud particles from reaching your vinyl ground within the first place.

One other necessary option to hold vinyl flooring from growing scratches is by cleansing it commonly. Bear in mind, entryway mats solely decrease the switch of mud particles onto your vinyl floor, however received’t precisely seize all of the filth. Quickly sufficient, you’re certain to have a mud buildup, resulting in scratches in your vinyl ground. You may stop such filth buildup by common cleaning- together with sweeping and mopping.

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