Is It Safe for My Dog to Swim in the Pool? What You Need to Know!

Last Updated: June 5, 2021

Few issues are sadder than listening to your best good friend whimper as a result of she or he needs to get into the pool with the remainder of the household, however many canine house owners might query whether or not or not permitting their pet in the pool is secure.

Besides chlorine, there could also be different hazards as nicely, and there are a number of issues to think about earlier than giving the all-clear.

Let’s take an in-depth take a look at pool security for canine to see if it’s a good suggestion to swim along with your pet. We’ll take a look at what precautions you would possibly take to improve safety and guarantee a wonderful expertise for everybody.

Benefits of Swimming

Besides feeling like part of the household, your pet will profit in a number of methods from going for an everyday swim.

  • It’s a wonderful cardiovascular exercise. One minute of swimming can equal a number of minutes of strolling and even working.
  • It’s simple in your pet’s joints. Swimming is one in every of the solely methods to do zero-impact train, which creates no pounding on the bone, which could lead on to injury down the highway.
  • Because it’s low impression and water helps the physique, swimming may even be achieved by chubby canine to assist them with weight administration.
  • It will assist cool your pet down on scorching summer season days. Some canine have a troublesome time staying cool in the summer season, and going for a fast swim can actually assist.
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Will Chlorine Harm My Dog?

Chlorine’s impact on canine is analogous to its impact on people. Chlorine can burn our eyes and our nostril if the chemical steadiness has an excessive amount of chlorine, or there’s an excessive amount of combined chlorine (also called chloramines) in the water and it wants to be shocked. Chloramines are a byproduct of chlorine, and you’ll inform if there’s too many as a result of it’ll odor of chlorine—first, the odor, then the burning eyes, then the itchy pores and skin.

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Tip 1

  • A correctly maintained pool may have no odor

Your canine will undergo from the identical results from an excessive amount of chlorine. However, your canine’s ears are very skinny and extra delicate to excessive chlorine ranges. Dogs additionally have a tendency to ingest extra water than people will. Drinking an excessive amount of chlorinated-water could lead on to abdomen cramps or diarrhea. Too a lot chlorine on the ears may trigger some itching and dryness.

If you need to take your pet into the pool, you’ll want to maintain the chloramines low and the chlorine degree low as nicely.

Other Dog Dangers

As we talked about earlier, chlorine isn’t the solely hazard your canine faces in the pool. The greatest hazard for your canine in the swimming pool is the floating chlorine tablets. While the small quantity of chlorine in the water gained’t harm your canine, chewing on a chlorine pill will. You’ll want to take away any chlorine floaters, and should you use granulated chlorine, you’ll want to verify the floor of your pool as a result of granulated chlorine floats for fairly some time.

While it’s fairly uncommon, some canine get their paw caught in the skimmer. If this occurs, it will probably scare the canine, and a few canine even have a tough time with the partitions of above-ground swimming swimming pools. If your pet is uncertain of the water, allow them to take a while to get used to it earlier than enjoying any video games.

dog swimming in the pool

Photo by Murilo Viviani on Unsplash

Tip 2

  • Shut the pool pump and filter off and use the winter skimmer cowl whereas your pet is in the pool
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Also, be certain your pet is aware of how to get out of the pool, and has tried it a couple of instances earlier than you do any tough play in the water. Dogs usually discover it exhausting to use the ladder the first few instances, and it’s one in every of the greatest causes for them getting scared.

Tip 3

  • Use a dog ramp to assist your pet out of the pool

Dangers for the Owner

With your pet’s security taken care of, there are nonetheless a couple of issues to think about earlier than permitting your pet into the pool. The essential factor to fear about right here is their sharp nails, and a bigger canine might have the ability to puncture the liner. Dogs may also puncture your floats and rafts as they swim round the pool, they usually might even by chance scratch somebody.

These issues are uncommon, although, and also you solely want to be involved in case your pet seems scared or hesitant to get into the water. Most canine get pleasure from swimming and might be proper at house in the water.

Tip 4

Dog Mess

Like it or not, your canine sheds a number of hair and can accomplish that in your pool. The longer your canine stays in the water, the extra hair they’ll depart behind. You will want to do some additional hand skimming, and also you’ll even have to verify the skimmer basket frequently to maintain it from being blocked with hair. You shouldn’t discover any elevated pump stress, although, or something like that. Dog hair is not going to clog your filter.

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Tip 5

  • Hose your pet off earlier than they get into the pool to get a few of the unfastened hair off


There’s completely nothing fallacious with taking your pet into the pool with you, and so long as you retain the chemical substances nicely balanced, there’s no hazard to your canine’s well being from the chlorine. We advocate hosing your canine off as soon as they’ve gotten out of the pool to get any extra chlorine or different chemical substances off their fur. Always take particular care to get the ears dry instantly and watch for any indicators that your canine’s ears may be affected by the results of chlorine. An itchy ear is a useless giveaway.

Use treats and different coaching strategies to present them how to get out of the pool earlier than the rest. The most vital hazard will come out of your pet getting scared by a passing truck or one thing like that, and never having the ability to get out of the pool quick sufficient. Proper coaching can forestall that.

Keep the pool fenced-in and by no means permit your pet to swim unsupervised. Watch for indicators that your pet could also be getting drained whereas swimming. Don’t allow them to swim too longer than half-hour at a time and maintain loads of recent water close by, so that they don’t drink the pool water.

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