Is Pine Sol Good for Hardwood Floors? [Safety + Residue Tips]

Hardwood flooring might be cleaned by dry-mopping or vacuum cleansing, however there are occasions whenever you wish to take away residue, buildup, and stains. Is it protected to make use of Pine Sol on wooden floors for an intensive cleansing job?

Pine Sol is sweet for cleansing hardwood flooring however provided that they’re completed or sealed with a protecting coat. It’s protected to make use of it even on engineered wooden floors however may cause injury if the ground is worn out, oiled, or waxed. Rinse properly when cleansing with Pine Sol to forestall leaving residue on the ground.

The producers of this cleansing product describe it as a fantastic elimination agent for particles, grime and hard stains on hardwood flooring.

Beneath, I’ll present you what it’s essential to contemplate when it comes to how protected it’s to make use of Pine Sol on picket flooring and learn how to use it with out leaving residue behind.

Is it protected to make use of Pine Sol on Picket Flooring?

Sure, Pine Sol is completely protected to be used on picket flooring which were sealed or completed. The product’s manufacturers- however- suggest that it shouldn’t be used on unsealed or unfinished picket surfaces.

Moreover, whereas Pine Sol could don’t have any important damaging impact on the picket flooring floor itself, the consequences on people, pets, and the setting in general- can’t be ignored.

Picket flooring are these which can be wholly manufactured from stable wooden materials. Widespread sorts of wooden used for picket flooring embrace oak, cherry, ash, maple, and poplar.

Is pine sol good for hardwood floors

As per The Environmental Working Group, Pine-Sol has damaging results on well being and the environment- with the potential to trigger respiratory well being points to people and pets. You must- therefore- make sure that no children or pets are round whenever you’re about to make use of Pine Sol in your picket flooring.

Is Pine Sol protected for engineered hardwood?

Engineered hardwood is kind of completely different from stable wooden. Warmth and strain compression is utilized to alternating layers of wooden to be able to make engineered hardwood, which is extra structurally sturdy in comparison with stable wooden. As such, it’s more durable to depart behind scratch marks and scuff marks on such a flooring.

Pine Sol is protected to make use of on engineered hardwood flooring. In comparison with different cleansing merchandise usually used on hardwood flooring, Pine Sol is comparatively safer being because it’s a water-based cleaner. It provides varied benefits over wax-based, oil-based, and ammonia-based hardwood cleansing formulation.

These are mentioned beneath:

  • Pine Sol reinforces the end in your hardwood flooring, in contrast to wax-based and oil-based formulation that take away the glow when used on polyutherane wooden surfaces.
  • In contrast to oil-based and ammonia-based cleaners that eat away on the sealing and hamper the probabilities of future seals or finishes sticking to the hardwood floor, Pine Sol is nice to be used on sealed hardwood.
  • Lastly, when used and utilized the appropriate means, Pine Sol doesn’t go away behind any residue that may go away you with an ugly hardwood flooring floor. Wax and oil-based cleaners- on the opposite hand- go away behind a hazy residual substance. Eradicating this residue could also be expensive, as you could be compelled to sand and refinish your hardwood flooring to its unique look.

Precautions when utilizing Pine Sol

Nonetheless, you must take some precautionary measures when utilizing Pine Sol in your hardwood surfaces. Right here’s an outline of the issues to look out for when utilizing Pine Sol as your hardwood flooring cleansing agent:

  • Focus– except you’re making an attempt to eliminate very robust stains, Pine Sol must be diluted and never be utilized in its concentrated type.
  • Utility instrument– when making use of concentrated Pine Sol straight on robust scuff marks on wood floors, you need to work the agent in utilizing a comfortable sponge to keep away from scratching your hardwood floor.
  • Water pooling– at all times guarantee to mop away as a lot standing water as potential, as it could warp or streak your hardwood floor.

Professional tip: Making use of concentrated Pine Sol on to a hardwood floor to take away deeper stains could trigger the sealing to peel off- requiring you to sand and refinish your hardwood flooring.

How one can Use Pine Sol to Clear Hardwood Flooring

To correctly spruce up your hardwood flooring utilizing Pine-Sol, comply with the steps beneath:

  • First off, sweep up the ground utilizing a good dust mop for wood floors to take away mud and lose particles.
  • Subsequent, pour one gallon of water in a bucket, then add 1 / 4 cupful of Pine-Sol to the water and stir the combination.
  • Take in a mop with the combination, ensuring to wring out extra water.
  • Mop your complete hardwood flooring, then dry it utilizing a second dry mop. You must at all times guarantee to mop alongside the wooden grain.
  • If you happen to’re making an attempt to eliminate very tough stains such as dark water spots, you would possibly wish to apply the Pine-Sol on to the ground utilizing a sponge- as a substitute of including it to a water-based answer first. You may then use a soaked up and wrung mop to take away the cleaner from the ground floor.
  • Hold a dry piece of material or dry mop on standby to dry mop the ground when you’re performed.


Water-based cleaners like Pine Sol are solely really useful to be used on hardwood flooring which were sealed, as they’ll trigger injury to unsealed hardwood surfaces. As such, earlier than you utilize Pine Sol in your flooring, you may at all times take a look at your hardwood floor to make sure it’s been sealed.

A good way of testing for floor sealing is by pouring a drop of water on the hardwood floor and observing whether or not it swimming pools atop the floor or absorbs proper into the hardwood materials.

If the water-drop beads on the floor, it signifies that your hardwood flooring is correctly sealed and you may proceed to scrub it with Pine Sol. Nevertheless, if the water soaks into the wooden, it signifies that your floor could have by no means been sealed earlier than, or the outdated sealing could have worn off.

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