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Last Updated on June 17, 2021

Owning an above floor pool comes with obligations, and essentially the most important duty is maintaining your pool clear.  After all, how are you going to get pleasure from fun & games in your pool if it isn’t clear?

Maintaining the cleanliness of your pool occurs on a day by day, weekly, and month-to-month interval, and understanding how one can hold your pool clear is important to assist keep away from dearer upkeep or harmful swimming situations. In this text, we talk about the principle causes for cleansing your pool and the number of methods how one can hold above floor swimming pools clear.

Must-Haves For Cleaning Your Above Ground Pool

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Pool Blaster Max Cordless Rechargeable, Battery-Powered, Pool-Cleaner with 10.5” Scrub Brush Head, Large Filter Bag, Ideal for In-Ground Pool and Above Ground Pools for Leaves, Dirt and Sand & Silt.

Pool Blaster Max Cordless Rechargeable, Battery-Powered, Pool-Cleaner with 10.5” Scrub Brush Head, Large Filter Bag, Ideal for In-Ground Pool and Above Ground Pools for Leaves, Dirt and Sand & Silt.

Taylor K2005 Swimming Pool Chlorine Bromine Alkalinity Hardness pH DP Test Kit

Taylor K2005 Swimming Pool Chlorine Bromine Alkalinity Hardness pH DP Test Kit

HTH 52026 Super Shock Treatment Swimming Pool Chlorine Cleaner, 1 lb (Pack of 12)

HTH 52026 Super Shock Treatment Swimming Pool Chlorine Cleaner, 1 lb (Pack of 12)

Reasons for cleansing your pool

It’s useful to grasp why you might want to clear your pool. Before discussing the whole lot you are able to do to maintain your above floor pool clear, listed below are the highest 5 causes for cleansing your pool:

  1. Keeping your pool water circulated: One of the explanations for cleansing your pool is to maintain your pool water flowing. Water circulation is crucial when cleansing your pool as a result of it lowers the possibility of undesirable particles from accumulating.
  2. One-time particles cleansing: You would possibly wish to clear massive particles out of your pool that you may visibly discover earlier than swimming.
  3. Pool water chemistry: You would possibly wish to modify your pool chemistry so that you’re swimming in water that’s balanced at protected ranges.
  4. On-going upkeep: You may have to offer on-going upkeep on a day by day, weekly, or month-to-month foundation to maintain your pool staying clear.
  5. Interior floor cleansing: Even with clear water and no seen particles in your pool, your partitions and flooring of your pool would possibly want additional cleansing.
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How to maintain above floor swimming pools clear

Whether you’re cleansing particles, managing water chemistry, offering on-going upkeep, or simply cleansing the surfaces of your pool, there are a selection of how to make this occur. The following lists the totally different actions you may take to ensure you hold your above floor pool cleaner.

1. Get filter and pump

Your filter and pump are critical parts of pool cleanliness. Without a filter and pump, you can be left with particles and presumably unsafe swimming situations due to the chemical compounds that may be launched to your water. A pump will flow into the water and can push the water by means of a filter that cleans your water earlier than it enters again into your pool.

Your pool filter and pump ought to ideally be operating 24 hours a day to keep up correct water stream and circulation. However, when you can’t depart in your pump all evening, take into account maintaining it on for no less than 12 hours every day to keep up correct stream.

Tip: When putting in your output jets, modify them to assist transfer the water in a round movement round your pool. This adjustment additional helps with pool water circulation.

2. Use pool vacuum cleaner

There are many good pool cleaners available on the market, in addition to quite a lot of pool vacuums that may clear a number of areas of your pool. Some vacuums require you to manually place and clear the totally different areas of your pool, whereas others can work autonomously. Cleaning your pool completely with a pool vacuum cleaner will assist keep cleanliness and keep away from having to carry out important cleanings sooner or later.

3. Frequent cleansing of pool inside

To keep away from having to carry out substantial cleansing of the partitions and flooring of your pool sooner or later, clear your pool inside with pool floor cleansing brushes and pure cleansing options. There are occasions when a pool could have an excessive amount of calcium or have a buildup of copper, and even extreme algae at one level or one other. All of those eventualities may cause staining to the partitions and flooring of your pool inside.

The staining normally doesn’t occur in a single day, and you may keep away from staining from beginning or persevering with by scrubbing and vacuuming the partitions and flooring of your pool.

4. Test your water recurrently

Pool water is tremendously affected by elements like climate, chemical compounds, how typically you utilize your pool, and plenty of different elements. Understanding how these elements change your pool water will assist you to select how one can repair it. You can take a look at your water by utilizing both take a look at strips or a digital take a look at strip reader.

Your pool chemical compounds are as efficient as the present circumstance. If the climate and exterior chemical compounds trigger your pool’s pH to rise too excessive or get too low, it’s possible you’ll want to make use of a pH reducer or pH increaser to make sure you have a correct vary of pH. Testing your water and adjusting the pH accordingly can guarantee you that your chemical compounds will work correctly, which makes your pool water protected to swim in.

5. Balance your pool water

Testing your pool water may help you resolve to regulate your ranges accordingly. But how do you regulate these ranges? It occurs by balancing the pool water chemistry. There are three essential elements to your pool water chemistry.

  1. pH stage: Your pH stage reveals you the way acidic or alkaline your pool water is. The best pH vary is 7.4 to 7.6, and going above or under this vary might require the addition of pH reducer or pH increaser.
  2. Alkalinity stage: Alkalinity is what avoids spikes in some way in your pH stage. The best alkalinity vary is between 100 to 150 ppm (elements per million).
  3. Sanitizer stage: Your sanitizer stage is how a lot sanitizing materials you add to your pool to keep up correct ranges. The hottest sort of sanitizer is chlorine, and understanding how a lot chlorine needs to be in your pool relying on its dimension can decide whether or not or not you might want to add extra.

Knowing these three ranges is important in balancing your water. There are chemical compounds you may add to your pool to create a protected stability of cleanliness in your water.

6. Shock your pool water

Shocking is a time period which means including a concentrated quantity of chlorine or different chemical compounds to your pool to destroy the chloramines which have constructed up in your pool. Shocking is also referred to as super-chlorination, and basically means you’re super-chlorinating your pool when wanted.

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You solely must shock your pool water if it hasn’t been maintained nicely sufficient or adequately handled with the correct quantity of chemical compounds. Your water may wish a shock remedy solely for extra use of your pool. Too many individuals in a pool may cause merchandise and chemical compounds from suntan lotion, sunscreen, face cream, make-up, hairspray, oils out of your hair and pores and skin, to be added to your pool. These unnatural components can rapidly result in extra micro organism and different chemical compounds that may trigger algae buildup and may trigger your pool to grow to be unbalanced.

Testing your pool for chlorine and chloramine may help you resolve whether or not or not it wants a shock remedy. Shock remedies is perhaps obligatory each week or infrequently relying on how nicely you keep your pool and the way typically it’s used.

7. Sanitize your pool water

Sanitizing your water means exterminating the micro organism and dangerous chloramines in your pool with the addition of chlorine or different chemical compounds. Chlorine is the first additive in pool water and might be the perfect and solely sanitizer you want. You can resolve the way you add the chlorine, however some of the common methods of including chlorine to a pool in a protected method is to make use of chlorine tablets.

Chlorine tablets are environment friendly due to how compressed they’re. They don’t totally dissolve into the pool water instantly, and as an alternative, they assist add small quantities of chlorine to your pool a bit of at a time. This slower strategy offers you a longer-lasting chlorine remedy, so that you don’t should hold including chlorine or stunning your pool unnecessarily.

8. Keep your water clear

Keeping your pool water clear can grow to be a large process when you don’t maintain it earlier than it occurs. You need water that you may see by means of, and on the very least, you don’t need your pool water to be coloured with a inexperienced or brown tint. Any tint of yellow, brown, inexperienced, and even shades of blue generally is a signal of algae formation, and you’ll have to buy extra algaecides to take away already-formed algae.

The neatest thing you are able to do is get a pool clarifier liquid that you just add to your pool to assist keep its readability and clearness. These pool clarifiers assist take away substances like hairspray, make-up, pure oils, and lotions in order that algae and different micro organism don’t kind as rapidly.

If you have already got a formation of algae in your pool, you’ll have to use an algaecide to do away with the algae and wait till the algae is eliminated earlier than getting into your pool safely once more.

9. Clean your pool filter

There might be occasions the place you will have to scrub your pool filter. This filter cleansing is also referred to as backwashing your filter. Because the filter is used to take away small particles and substances from circulating in your pool, an extra of those substances in your pool might imply your filter is full. You can examine the strain gauge of your filter to see if you might want to clear the filter. Use the numbers and recommendation out of your filter’s directions to find out whether or not or not you might want to clear your filter.

Some filter programs have backwashing modes that may deal with cleansing within the push of a button, however many filters would require you to empty or change the filter to have the ability to proceed utilizing it successfully. A grimy or full filter system might flip into the equal of not having one in any respect, so ensure that it’s clear always earlier than you utilize your pool.

10. Maintain your pool throughout winter

If you’re closing your above-ground pool throughout winter or any chilly months, there’s a solution to clear your pool and get it prepared for winter so that you just don’t should proceed to keep up it as stringently as you’d in the course of the warmth of summer time and swimming season. This winter pool upkeep is known as “winterizing” your pool.

Here are some main steps to comply with when winterizing your above-ground pool:

  1. Remove tools: The first step is eradicating each piece of kit out of your pool. Remove ladders, hoses, filters, and pumps out of your pool.
  2. Trash previous filter cartridge: Get rid of the previous filter cartridge so you should use a brand new one firstly of the subsequent pool season.
  3. Clean tools: Thoroughly clear your entire pool tools. Some tools might be hosed off whereas different items of kit like hoses would possibly must be submerged in soapy water to take away chemical compounds.
  4. Drain hoses and filter tank: Make positive your hoses don’t have any leftover water in them, and drain the complete filter tank to keep away from sitting water.
  5. Balance pool water: Balance your pool water as you’d earlier than you’d safely swim in your pool. Test the water and add chemical compounds till your water is balanced.
  6. Add winter chemical equipment: There are choose chemical compounds you may add to your pool if you received’t be utilizing it for greater than a month. These chemical compounds will assist hold your pool maintained whereas it isn’t in use with out having to proceed sustaining it. Get your self a pool winter chemical equipment and add these chemical compounds to your pool water.
  7. Cover your pool: To keep away from any particles from falling into your pool and the climate from affecting your pool’s water stability and chemistry, utilizing a pool cowl to cowl your pool is beneficial.

Create a pool upkeep schedule

The implementation of a pool upkeep schedule will assist you to hold your pool as clear appropriately. Adhering to your schedule may also assist keep away from bigger upkeep prices sooner or later. There are three pool upkeep schedules you may create – a “earlier than every use” schedule, a weekly schedule, and a month-to-month schedule. Based on the upkeep duties you discovered about beforehand, right here we talk about every schedule and checklist the upkeep duties that needs to be included.

“Before every use” pool upkeep schedule

  1. Run the pool filter no less than 12 hours a day (constantly).
  2. Ensure the water stage is just not too excessive or too low.
  3. Test the pH stage to make sure it’s inside the protected vary.
  4. Test the chlorine stage to make sure it’s inside the protected vary.
  5. Empty the skimmer and the pump baskets if wanted.
  6. Ensure filter strain is inside the protected vary.
  7. Ensure the pump is working successfully.

Weekly pool upkeep schedule

  1. Skim the floor of the water.
  2. Brush the partitions and flooring of the pool.
  3. Vacuum the pool.
  4. Test for alkalinity to make sure it’s inside the protected vary.
  5. Add algaecide, clarifier, or chlorine shock if wanted.
  6. Add chlorine tablets if wanted.
  7. Backwash or clear the filter if wanted.

Monthly pool upkeep schedule

  1. Test for calcium hardness stage to make sure it’s inside the protected vary.
  2. Test the cyanuric acid stage to make sure it’s inside the protected vary.
  3. Add algaecide, clarifier, or chlorine shock if wanted.
  4. Ensure that each one tools is performing accurately.

Your particular person pool upkeep schedule might differ a bit of bit relying on the local weather by which you reside, the frequency of pool use, and the way nicely you keep your pool. One individual won’t must shock their pool for over a month whereas one other individual would possibly must shock their pool each week. Some swimming pools by no means have issues with algae, whereas different swimming pools see a buildup of algae each couple weeks.

Use the above upkeep schedules as a information. Find out the mandatory “protected ranges” particular to your pool and circumstances, and perceive how a lot chemical compounds so as to add based mostly on the scale of your pool and the numbers that your assessments reveal. Tweak these upkeep schedules to suit your personal pool upkeep wants.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cleaning An Above Ground Pool

How typically ought to I clear my pool?

If you wish to hold your pool clear and uncontaminated, it is strongly recommended that you’ve it cleaned no less than as soon as per week.

There are numerous instruments and tools obtainable available on the market which can make this course of simpler like getting your robotic pool cleaner.

What occurs when you don’t clear your swimming pool?

A grimy swimming pool received’t simply smash your day; improper pool upkeep or care might result in leisure water sicknesses like diarrhea, ear infections, respiratory an infection, rashes, infected eyes, and lungs.

This is why it’s vital to maintain up on pool upkeep and ensure the pool chemistry is balanced so the whole lot stays protected and clear.

Final Thoughts

Keeping a pool clear by means of steady upkeep can appear to be a number of work, however it may be simplified if you create and cling to a strict schedule. Maintaining your pool might be rewarding if you constantly have clear, shining waters that include no micro organism, algae, or different substances that trigger unsafe swimming.

Each pool is totally different and would require a distinct set of upkeep duties. You received’t know precisely how your pool will react to chemical compounds, frequent use, or the local weather by which you reside till you begin testing. As lengthy as you perceive the protected ranges of chemical compounds and the chemical stability or chemistry that’s wanted in your pool to maintain clear, you may modify your upkeep as required on your distinctive scenario.

Final tip: Keeping a deal with in your pool cleanliness and upkeep schedules will assist prevent money and time if you don’t have to repair main issues that may occur with out it.

Keep your pool clear and have enjoyable swimming!

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