What To Put Under an Above Ground Pool on Grass?

Last Updated: May 26, 2021

Congratulations! You have determined to purchase an above floor pool to your yard. Now comes the enjoyable half: putting in it. While you might place your pool instantly on high of your grass, that isn’t the most effective thought. The grass isn’t a agency base since it’s alive and rising. Your pool can shift over time and settle into an unfavorable and doubtlessly harmful place. Meanwhile, some hardier kinds of grass are sturdy sufficient to develop via the liner of the pool.

Having a secure base beneath your pool is significant. You have chosen your spot, eliminated all of the grass, and leveled the bottom the place you need your pool to sit down. Now, what do you set down subsequent to make sure a secure and comfy base?

Let’s go over the benefits and downsides of a number of choices, in addition to some normal suggestions for putting in them. The most typical supplies to make use of as a base for above floor swimming pools embody concrete pads, business pads, sand, strong foam, carpet padding, and flooring underlayment.

Things You Can Put Under Your Pool

1. Concrete Pads

bove ground pool on concrete pad

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Concrete pads are glorious to make use of as a base to your above floor pool, however you’ll wish to add one other cushion between the 2. Concrete is an abrasive materials and can put on on the liner if it’s in direct contact.

Concrete is your best option for a strong base as a result of it’s completely flat. It’s additionally very secure and received’t permit your pool to shift over time.

Installation Tips

  • Mark an space one foot bigger in diameter than your pool
  • Remove all grass and different particles
  • Add any fill wanted to make sure a clean floor
  • Treat the world with a weed killer to eliminate any aggressive grasses which will develop
  • Raise the world that your pool will sit on barely above the pure floor line, to permit drainage away from the pool
  • Once you lay your pool, fill the additional one foot of area with pea gravel or different landscaping materials
  • Pull any weeds that begin to develop within the further area

2. Commercial Pads

above ground pool on commercial pad

Image Credit: Boris Mrdja, Shutterstock

Commercial pads are an glorious alternative for padding to put on high of your concrete. You can buy precut ones for most traditional sizes. If they don’t have your dimension, you possibly can minimize it to the precise measurements that you just want your self. You can use the partitions of the pool as a information, exhibiting you the place to chop.

Commercial pads are extraordinarily robust supplies, to allow them to stand as much as the totally different parts of Mother Nature. They are breathable, in order that they don’t permit moisture to get trapped beneath your pool. However, this is likely one of the most costly choices obtainable.


  • Can be minimize to the precise measurements of your pool
  • Some normal sizes come precut
  • Breathable
  • Tough materials

Installation Tips

  • Not very thick, so lay two layers
  • Cut to dimension utilizing pool partitions as a information earlier than putting in
  • Before set up, make certain to take away all particles and sharp objects

3. Sand

above ground pool on sand

Image Credit: Lineas 1703, Shutterstock

Many individuals like to make use of sand as the bottom for his or her above floor swimming swimming pools as a result of it’s cheap and straightforward to put. It isn’t the most suitable choice, although.

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Sand can’t be used with concrete. The drawback is stability. Concrete is in strong slabs that don’t transfer. Sand is tiny particles that may shift round, shifting your pool with it.

There are additionally many bugs that wish to burrow within the sand. This burrowing will create tunnels beneath the pool and trigger mushy spots.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to put in


  • Cannot be used with concrete base
  • May wash out from beneath the pool, permitting it to shift
  • Insects could make tunnels beneath the pool

Installation Tips

  • Remove all sharp objects and different particles from the world
  • Make high floor a bit of increased than the typical floor degree
  • Fill any low spots to ensure it’s degree
  • Rake clean earlier than putting in

4. Solid Foam

pink insulation solid foam

Placing strong foam on your concrete generally is a appropriate alternative, however it may possibly get expensive.

Many individuals like foam as a result of it’s obtainable in a big number of thicknesses. Being in a position to make use of one thick layer is preferable over many skinny layers of one other materials. It additionally received’t slide round on abrasive concrete.

When laying a pool pad, it’s best to chop the proper dimension and form earlier than you lay it down. Foam may be difficult to get minimize right down to dimension. The thicker it’s, the tougher it’s to evolve to form and minimize via.


  • Comes in number of thicknesses
  • Thick layers work excellently
  • Won’t transfer round on concrete


  • Challenging to chop to dimension
  • Can be expensive

Installation Tips

  • Make positive it’s rated for outside use
  • Use pool partitions as a information to chop to the precise form and dimension wanted
  • Install padding instantly on concrete contained in the pool partitions
  • Place liner on high of the froth

5. Carpet Padding

RUGPADUSA carpet padding

Many individuals like to make use of carpet padding as a result of it’s simple on the pocketbook, they know how one can use it, and it’s obtainable all over the place. Carpet padding isn’t sometimes very thick, although. You’ll want to put a minimum of two layers of it, extra in the event you like a softer cushion.

Installation Tips

  • Use dense foam slightly than felt fiber or rubber
  • Use a “reminiscence foam”
  • Use pool partitions to chop to dimension earlier than putting in

6. Flooring Underlayment

AMERIQUE 3MM Thick Flooring Underlayment

Flooring underlayment is likely one of the most economical supplies you possibly can lay on concrete to defend your liner from the abrasive floor. It’s very skinny, although, and gives the least quantity of cushion of all of the choices. To get a softer floor, you’ll have to put down a number of layers.


  • Inexpensive
  • Shields liner from abrasive concrete

Installation Tips

  • Cut to dimension utilizing the pool partitions as your information earlier than laying
  • Must use a number of layers to get any cushion


You wish to have a secure base for your pool that received’t shift round and concrete is your best wager. It lays completely flat and is usually one piece that’s too heavy to maneuver round. The floor is abrasive, although, so you will have one other padding to layer in between it and your pool liner.

Several totally different supplies can be found for padding. They’re all glorious selections, so you possibly can’t go incorrect. It comes right down to your desire. How many layers do you wish to lay? Is it important that reducing it into form is simple to do? How much do you want to spend? The alternative is yours — better of luck and congratulations on your determination.

Featured Image Credit: Sergio Sergo, Shutterstock

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