Why Do My Floorboards Smell Musty?

For folks with comparatively previous homes, it is not uncommon to listen to them say that their floorboards scent musty. however why do my floorboards scent musty?

A musty scent in your floorboard occurs because of the presence of mildew. The moldy odor coming from floorboards is what many individuals name musty. Mildew presence in your ground thrives because of the presence of water moisture. Pet urine or at occasions on account of flooding and pipe leakages,.

After all, when you discover this, all you need to do is do away with the scent. There are various methods of coping with a musty scent similar to; utilizing an air air purifier and cleansing the floorboard. That can assist you out with every little thing that pertains to coping with musty floorboards, here’s a full information.

Why Do My Floorboards Smell Musty? what causes a musty smell on a house floor?

What Causes a Musty Odor In A Home?

A musty scent, also called mildew scent, is attributable to a number of components similar to;


Mildew is a sort of fungus that’s recognized to develop in areas with quite a lot of moisture and improper air flow. For this reason the world below floorboards is a first-rate spot for his or her progress and growth. When molds break down, they launch Unstable Natural Compounds (VOCs). It’s these compounds that trigger moldy odor.


Vermin is a collective identify for small pests and animals which are recognized to destruction in houses, farms and plenty of different areas. Some examples of such pests embody; like rats and mice. Vermin can contribute to the moldy odor coming from floorboards when their droppings accumulate over time.


Mud is a composition of microscopic items of pores and skin residue, mud mites, physique oil, filth, and plenty of different small contaminants.  It’s often not possible to stop, however an previous home might have a comparatively excessive quantity of mud below the floorboards. The buildup of mud below these boards is what makes the previous home scent musty.


Typically a house might scent musty after rain (floods). When this occurs, there are excessive probabilities that the bottom beneath the dwelling has been saturated due to the water desk rising.

Pet Urine

If you’re a pet lover, dog urine soaked on your hardwood floor may cause a musty scent in your ground.

How Do You Get the Odor Out of Floorboards?

Eliminate musty scent in the home within the following methods;

When the Musty Odor is coming from the Floorboards’ Floor

  1. Cleansing Utilizing Vinegar

Right here is the way to clear utilizing vinegar;

  1. Fill a bucket with 1 cup of vinegar and 1 gallon of water.
  2. Damp a mop into the answer, wring it out and clear the ground.
  3. Let the ground dry.
  4. Sprinkle a light-weight layer of baking soda over the floor and let it sit in a single day.
  5. Sweep the baking soda up and mop utilizing the water and vinegar resolution.

When the Odor is Coming From Underneath the Floorboard

  1. Clearing Away Mildew

Here’s a step-by-step information on the way to take away mildew from below your floorboard;

  1. Take away the floorboards. In the event you discover that the mildew has unfold to among the floorboards, discard them and purchase new ones.
  2. Discover the supply of the mildew. Most often, you’ll discover that there’s a gap that enables cool, damp air from outdoors into the home. After you have positioned the supply, patch it with a plaster.
  3. Clear the floorboards with heat soapy water.
  4. Whereas the floorboards are up, wash them after which allow them to dry in a heat and dry space.
  5. Wipe the floorboards with vinegar. Doing so helps with eliminating any mildew which will have remained.
  6. Return the floorboards.
  • Set up a Dehumidifier

When a home smells moldy humid, it’s best in case you set up a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier is a tool that lowers the relative humidity of an space/house. When the humidity of an space is lowered, molds can’t survive.

  • Clearing Away Mud from Underneath the Floorboards.

An effective way of coping with a musty scent coming from below your floorboards is by clearing out the mud. Right here is the way to do it;

  1. Choose up your toolbox, broom and dustpan.
  2. Rigorously elevate the floorboard as you watch the nails in order that they don’t hurt you.
  3. Filter the mud with a brush and dustpan.
  4. As soon as you’re carried out, restore the floorboards.

NOTE: Utilizing an air air purifier additionally helps with eradicating musty scent from floorboards because it filters mud from the air. This then prevents the foul scent from occurring.

  • Name within the Specialists

In case your floorboards have a musty scent after floods, then you should name within the consultants. Contact a restoration firm that offers with such instances and they’ll allow you to out.

  • Contact the Native Authority

If vermin are the reason for the musty scent in your house, then you need to name the native authority as shortly as potential. The officers from the native authority are in a greater place to advise you on what to do/the way to take care of the rodents.

Does Musty Odor Imply Mildew?

Not essentially. Mainly, simply because you might have a musty scent coming out of your floorboards doesn’t essentially imply that there’s mildew. Despite the fact that mildew is without doubt one of the main causes of this phenomenon, it’s not the one trigger.

There are a number of the reason why your floorboards could also be producing such a foul scent identical to we have now defined above. A few of these causes embody; vermin, mud, amongst others.

Is Musty Odor Harmful?

Most often, a musty scent is harmful, particularly when it’s attributable to mildew. One of the vital widespread risks of moldy floorboards is that they trigger important injury to the home. That is hazardous as it may well simply lead to accidents for the residents.

Moldy odors are additionally detrimental to the well being of the residents of the house. It is because they’re recognized to trigger points like bronchial asthma and allergy symptoms, nasal stuffiness, and eye irritation.

What Does a Musty Odor Imply?

By definition, musty means having a stale, moldy and damp scent. Mainly, a musty scent is a transparent signal that an space/floorboard is unclean. It’s also an indicator that the world is damp and has been missing correct aeration for a very long time.

Most often, the dampness and lack of air are what offers rise to mildew. That’s the reason most musty smells are linked to mildew, the dangerous fungus.

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